This index page lists the NPCs and creatures by their creature type.


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Bobbynock, Gnome Wizard 9
Enkirdos, Gnome Cleric 6
Krifendorff, gnome fighter 6
Malegornus, Gnome Ranger 6 CR 6
Jenma the Treasure Hunter CR 15
Zerogadizuu, Scout/Blade Bravo CR 13
Thomas Riddleweaver, Gnome Warlock 7
Waywocket "Gearjam" Turen, Gnome rogue 6
Magic Item Maker CR 12
Typical gnomish child
Dobby, Gnome with something to Prove(Duskblade5)


Also see Category:Goblinoid


Cibeb, male half-elf Ftr10/Rog2
Farmus the Frightened, Half-Elf Shadowdancer CR 15
Filise, Half-Elven Rogue 9
Laurent, Half-Elf Gatekeeper Mystagogue CR 20
Roberto and Fredrick, Half-Elven Twins
Shadow, half-drow Ranger 1/Sorcerer 10/Fire Savant 1
Sirelanon, Half-elf Wizard 12
Ysdor, half-elven wizard
Prinnyus, High priest of Boccob
Marshal Fackler, Bishop of St. Cuthbert
Miluda, Half Elf Swordsage 4
Wiegraf, Half Elf Duskblade 7
Eleanil, Bard 2
Typical half-elven child
Rheah Willowmane, Half-Elf Invisible Blade CR9
Half-Elf Aristocrat1/Bard1


Brog, Dragon Shaman (Red), CR 7
Dugg, (Wizard 5), CR 5
Faltzer TyrantEye, Bishop of Hextor, (Fighter 4/Cleric 8), CR 12
Glugg, (Paladin 10), CR 10
Half-Orc, (Ranger 1/Rogue 2), CR 3
Half-Orc Child, (Commoner ½), CR 1/8
Harlech, (Ranger 5/Occult Slayer 5), CR 10
Hiesto, (Barbarian 5), CR 5
Jack Xavin, sewer cleaner, (Ranger 3), CR 3
Nunga, (Monk 5), CR 5
Nyaaguh (Deaf-mute (humorous)), (Bard 1), CR 5
Patches, (Rogue 7), CR 7
Raging Wrestler, (Barbarian 12), CR 12
"Shame" Shovel, Private Eye, (Thug 5/Streetfighter 3), CR 8
Sheridan, (Barbarian 6/Ranger 2/Exotic Weapons Master 2), CR 10
Taggit, (Ranger 15), CR 15
Unglar, Ambassador of the Wilds, (Barbarian 5), CR 5
Veteran, (Warrior 1), CR 1


Abel, male Halfling Cleric5 of a Death God
Trillion, female halfling Brd2
Thimb, Halfling Cleric of a Trickster God
Sweetwater Tenderfoot, Halfling Rogue 3
Volna Wisperbreeze, Halfling Warlock 10(Anti-Caster)
Vanilla, Halfling Exorcist of the Shiney-Fire CR 20
Tricky Pete, Bishop of Olidammara
Lucky Lyle, survivor CR 15
Wee Mang, Halfling Barbarian CR 4
Typical halfling child
Iida, Caster Cutie(Sorcerer5)
Billywig, Halfling Paladin CR7


Also see Category:Human

Warrior Types


NPC Classes


Kobold Boss CR 2
Alooghan, kobold sorcerer 8
Gerimih, Kobold Ranger 5 (CR 2)
Hirass, Kobold Adept 8 (CR 5)
Hroals, Wererat-Kobold Warrior 2 (CR 2)
Kobold Wiz7
Arcana-focused Expert 13
Venerable Kobold Sorcerer 13
Dath'cha, Kobold Paladin 4
Kobold Dragon Shaman CR 4
Yik Yik, Kobold Weasel Rider CR 3
Alaxnil, Expert3 (miner)
Stormclaw, Kobold Monk CR3
Tez'la, Kobold mad scientist (CR 10)
Kobold mining team CR1
Typical kobold child


Typical orcish child (male)
Typical orcish child (female)
Bat and board Orc CR 1/2
Orc Guard CR 1
Orc Barbarian 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Orc Cavalry Barbarian 1
Orc Clr5
Orc Rog3/Ftr2
Orc with DoubleAxe CR 4
Skeetles, Old Orc War 3 (CR 1)
The Graven Shield, Orc Fighter 14, CR 15
Nigak, (Barbarian 4/Fighter 2/Frenzied Berserker 4), CR 10

Neega, spiked-chain wielder, (Barbarian 5/Fighter 4/Exotic Weapon Master 2), CR 11

Other HumanoidsEdit

Kahar el Sujim, Air Genasi Blade Saint
Lizardman Chieftain CR 7
Troglodyte chief
Wererat Rogue CR 9
Wererat warrior 2
Wolfen, CR 4
Sssiff, Lizardfolk Hexblade 3
Gormir, Neanderthal Barbarian 5
Imposter, Changeling Rogue 1

Magical BeastsEdit

Also see Category:Magical Beast

Monstrous HumanoidsEdit

Also see Category:Monstrous Humanoid


Also see Category: Ooze

See Living Spells for an index of living spells.


Aginor, Fallen Solar Blackguard CR 28
Ankerika, Advanced Half-Fey Succubus Fiend of Blasphemy CR 17
Balthazar the Bookkeeper, imp expert 3 CR 3
Dagda, Yagnoloth, Brb4
Danukan-Ryttn the Posessed CR 27
Death, unique creature CR 26
Dragon Ogre
Elite Efreet CR 9
Grandael, Succubus Consort to Graz'zt CR 32
Generic Tiefling Soldier (Fighter 3)
Tiefling Commander(Fighter 8)
Half-Farspawn Udoroot, CR 6
Half-Fiend Minotaur Brb7, CR 12
Ignatious, Flamebrother Hexblade 4
Kafinia, Half-Fiend Annis Hag Priestess CR 14
Kanz'ztera, Advanced Half-Fiend Nymph Thrall of Graz'zt CR 21
Kia, Greater Succubus Tantrist 8
Kiltre, Tiefling Swashbuckler 3
Max Greenrock, NE beguiler 8
Nunian, Legendary Paragon Awakened Cat Rogue 14
Pyros, Azer Monk 6
Rakshasa Sorcerer 3
Siedell, Half-Fiend Samurai 13
Succubus Paladin 6
Tauric Medusa/ Snake CR 11
Tiefling Acolyte of a Fire God CR 3
Ungobulus, Tiefling Warlock 6
Unique Half-Fiend Beholder
Fireon, Azer Wizard CR 5
Raharlge, Tiefling Overlord CR 15
Prince Kerath Rempha, Leonal Pal2/Dervish11/Kensai10
Darinious, Fallen Planetar Cleric 2
Quarafent, Efreeti Monk CR 20
Eth'Na, Tiefling Beguiler 4
Human? Alienist CR 20
Rock Lee, Human (Outsider) Monk 20
Farimior, Aasimar Marshal 8
Dargor, Redeemed Villain(Paladin5)
Cambion Overlord Hellblade, Half-Fiend Fighter CR15


Petrified Treant CR 9
The Black Brambles, Paragon Advanced Blightspawned Awakened Assassin Vine CR 35
Yellow Musk Creeper Zombie Lizardfolk CR 1
Paragon shrieker CR 16


See: Category:Undead


Mosquito Swarm CR 1

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