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Mortal Creatures (CRs 0 to 20)Edit

Epic (CR 21 to 159) NPCs and CreaturesEdit

Cosmic (CR 160+) NPCs and CreaturesEdit

NPC Organizations Edit

Allies and Justice Freaks
The Band of Burnt Blades
Chieftain Tigerpaw and Guards
The Cult of Vaal
Darkpact, City of Monsters
The "Lucky Lady" Crew and passenger manifest
Dawn Bringers
Drazen's Horde
Franz Brothers
Kobold mining team
The Knights of Death
The Law
Four Servants of Tiamat (Half Dragons)
Nature Buddies: Advanced Animal Companions
Villians and Masterminds: The BBEG Collection
Sample Cohorts and Followers for Leadership Feat
The Shackletons, an Evil Noble Household