every human on this planet has a X cromosone, except for agent 333, The Y-Factor.

Created by CRUSH technology, The Y-Factor was born and concieved with genetic manipulation to have two Y cromosones,instead of one X and One Y and after working out the multiple sibling who died, unable to develop correctly without the missing X cromosone, one finally was a success.

The Y cromosone changes a female fetus to a male fetus, and In the Y-factor's case, the a Male into a killing Machine. with the ferocious insticts a typical male to defend his family to the death inbedded into him and then amplifed by the second Cromosone, he is ready to defend and destroy. Attack first, second, third and forth, leave nothing to question later.

The Y-Factor concept: Super Marine

str:18, Dex:18, Con:30(36) Wis:10, Int:10, Chr:14(4/40)

accurate attack, power attack, all out attack, homingX3, multi-shot, toughness, quick draw, improved initive, fearless,jack of all trades(12/50)

assult rifle (weapon 10 ranks, autofire 20points)

  • array grenade launcher (weapon 6 ranks, area, multifire 18 points)
  • array, smoke bomb (obscure, 10 ranks, 20 points)
  • array, assult pistol (multi fire, 20 points)
  • array, sniper rifle (weapon, 5 ranks, range: perception 10 points) super senses [extended] 10,
  • array, strike power 10 ranks (20 points)
  • array, tazer gun (stun, 10 ranks, 20points)
  • array, snare net (snare, 6 ranks, area,18 points)
  • array, super running (6 ranks, 12,) invisiblity (8 points)
  • array, degenerative agent (Corrosion, 10 ranks 10 points) and pepper spray (dazzle 10 ranks, limited range 10 points).
  • array, frag grenade (energy blast, explosion, 3 ranks, 9 points,) or demolition(5 ranks corrosion, area, delay, limited must delay 5 rounds).


super senses (dangersense, communitcation, direction sense, distance sense, radio, time sense, tracking 2,) [8/90]

regeneration (2 bruised or unconsious, 5 injured or staggered, 7 disabled, 9 ressurection,7 ability) [30/120]

Protection (impervious, 10 ranks) [20/140]

15 notice, 15 sense motive, 6 stealthy, 7 pilot, 10 drive, (10/150)

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