Voodoo Jack; Real Name: Koreet Baaljara; PL7 (105pp);

Init +0; Spd 30 ft(run); BAB +3; Defense 13 (3 Base); +3 Melee (0S), +3 Ranged, +8 Mental (7S Mental Blast); Dmg +4 (4 Protection), Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +12; Str 10, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 20, Cha 16

Skills: Intimidate 10/+18, Knowledge: Occult 4/+6, Knowledge: Religion 4/+6, Languages 2 (Carribean, English and Portugese), Medicine 2/+12

Feats: Darkvision, Durability, Heroic Surge, Immunity: Aging, Indomitable Will, Iron Will, Power Attack, Spooky Presence, Startle, Surprise Strike, Toughness

Powers: Energy Blast +4 (Source: Mystical, Extras: Triggered, Protection); Mental Blast +7 (Source: Mystical, Flaws: Obvious, Restricted - Must be able to injure himself, Limited - Must make a damage save each time he does it); Super Wisdom (Source: Mystical, Extra: Super Charisma) Weakness: Vulnerable (Sonic)

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