The mad Wizard attempting to summon "The Horrific Thingy That Should Not Exist", the Evil Cleric leading an unholy cult that is trying to subvert the power of a Good Nation, the Barbarian Chieftain leading a crusade against the "Townies" and the Fiendish Prince intent on turning the entire Matierial Plane into his own personal sandbox. These are all BBEGs. BBEGs(Big Bad Evil Guys/Gals) are an important part of any campaign. They are the PCs Major Foes and the Masterminds of the Evil Plots that they must foil. This Orginization was set up to provide one stop shopping for NPCs that are appropriate for use as a Boss/Leader/Mastermind type foe and their Generic and Unique Minions. Please feel free to add links to appropriate NPCs on this Wiki to the list.

Minions, GenericEdit

Bandit CR 1/2
Basher CR 1/2
Brigand CR 1/2
Cutter CR 1/2
Mauler CR 1/2
Human Cultist (adept 1/warrior 1) CR1
Generic Human Warrior 2, "Blues"
Bat and board Orc CR 1/2
Dwarf with Axe CR 1/2
Rindo,Human Soul Knife CR 1
Pirate Mate War3 CR2
Chaos Cultist Guard CR2
Generic Human Warrior 2, "Red"
Generic Human Warrior 2, "Yeller"
Elven Sorceror 2
Cannibal hunter CR 2
Human Cultist Guard (adept 1/warrior 2) CR2
Human Sergeant, CR 2
White Blades, Human Psychic Warriors 2
Dwarf Warrior 3
Orc Barbarian 2
Gold Blades, Human Psychic Warriors 3
Human Cultist Priest (adept 3/warrior 1) CR3
Human Swashbuckler3
Human Wizard3
Orc Barbarian 3
Half-Orc Ranger1/Rogue2
Orc Barbarian 1
Orc Cavalry Barbarian 1
Orc Guard CR 1
Generic Tiefling Soldier (Fighter 3)
Tiefling Acolyte of a Fire God CR 3
Gnoll Hunter
Human sorceror 4
Orc with DoubleAxe CR 4
Phrenic Wight CR4
Wolfen, CR 4
"Stabby" Warforged Rogue CR 5
Human Officer Ftr5
Human sorceror 5
Orc Barbarian 5
Orc Rog3/Ftr2
Orc Clr5
Wererat warrior 2
Orc Barbarian 6
Drow Hexblade3/Swashbuckler3
Gnoll Rogue 3 / Assassin 1
Goblin Ninja 5
Human (Fighter 8) "Tiger Warrior"
Wererat Rogue CR 9
Ghostface, Bugbear Barbarian 1
Fist Fighter CR 12
Raging Wrestler CR 12
Mr. Grimm, Warforged Assassin CR7
Slash, Awakened Skeleton Melee Rogue CR4
Snipe, Awakened Skeleton Ranged Rogue CR4
Human Barbarian4/Rogue3

Minions, UniqueEdit

"Fiddlebone", skeleton musician
Ysdor, half-elven wizard
Benedict, neutral evil, male, human, Wizard level 3
Kiltre, Tiefling Swashbuckler 3
Onebee and Twobee, Warforged Scout Rogue 3
Deadfall, Goblin Ranger1/Rogue2
Sir Meatwall, Hobgoblin Knight 3
Yik Yik, Kobold Weasel Rider CR 3
Slash, Awakened Skeleton Melee Rogue CR4
Snipe, Awakened Skeleton Ranged Rogue CR4
Wee Mang, Halfling Barbarian CR 4
Miluda, Half Elf Swordsage 4
Eth'Na, Tiefling Beguiler 4
Sorte, male human Rog4
Hatchet, Warforged Ranger 4
Parth, Elite Death Cultist
Hiesto, male half-orc Bbn5
Nunga, Half-Orc Monk 5
Elehna, Female Elf Sorceror 5
Fireon, Azer Wizard CR 5
Gropp, Bugbear Barbarian CR5
Ungobulus, Tiefling Warlock 6
Smashy, Warforged Fighter CR6
Ignatious, Flamebrother Hexblade 4
Goblin Ranger 7
Torch, Warforged Soul Knife CR 8
Shifty Reggs, Goblin Were-Rat
Quietus, Human Cultist and Killer
Tarastia, human Sorc-8
Tiefling Commander(Fighter 8)
Cobolt, Half-Blue Dragon Fighter 6
Harlech, half-orc Rgr5/Occult Slayer 5; CR 10
Senath, human Scout10 with Nightmare
Volna Wisperbreeze, Halfling Warlock 10(Anti-Caster)

Zangulus, Non-Caster Ranger 11
Greeva Painfinger, Grimlock Rogue/Cleric CR 11
Korak, the Wise Grimlock Barbarian 10
Stiiff Ruffstone, Grimlock Rogue CR 11
Velsht Knifetooth, Grimlock Master Thrower CR 11

Jade, Half-Green Dragon Monk 11

Sorin Macer, Human Wizard 14

Ondo Argus, The Rook, human Ftr 15
The Graven Shield, Orc Fighter 14, CR 15
Fnogghi's Hurlers, Fire Giant Hulking Hulers- CR 18
Fnogghi's Spearmen, Fomorian Giant Fighters CR 19

BBEGs, Low Level(CR <6)Edit

Skeetles, Old Orc War 3 (CR 1)
Jared o' the Highway, human ftr 2/rog 1 (CR 3)
Witchtongue, Hobgoblin Warlock 3
Greenblood, Goblin Druid 3
Liatris, Draconic Kobold Rogue 3
Kobold Dragon Shaman CR 4
Half-white dragon elven cleric
Sssiff, Lizardfolk Hexblade 3
Helm, Warforged Artificer 4
Ghorus Toth Lawful Evil Wizard Level 5
Gormir, Neanderthal Barbarian 5
Abel, male Halfling Cleric5 of a Death God
Tarsk, male Gnoll Marshall 4

BBEGs, Mid Level(CR 6-12)Edit

Gelgar, Bugbear Captain CR6
Lord Malyk, The Illustrious Im-Potentate
Varios, Melee Combat Cleric of a Death God
Gorgoroth Skullcrusher,Half-Orc Fighter

Thomas Riddleweaver, Gnome Warlock 7
Wiegraf, Half Elf Duskblade 7
Lemac Shadowsong, Boss type Bard7

Human (Paladin (fallen) 4, Sorcerer (Necromancer) 6, Blackguard 1) "Galen Medici"
Pyros, Azer Monk 6
Shimmer-Scale Wyrmling Blue Dragon Favored Soul 5

Lorak Coldeyes, Bishop of Hruggek
Bezzandine Triskelion, Ogre Fighter CR 9
Sahuagin Sorcerer 8

Gnoll Chieftain CR 9
Half-fiend Hobgoblin (Hex5) CR7
Young Green Dragon Warlock 4
Lord Sunder, DM Wrath
Sergei, Swashbuckler 3/Ranger 2/Animal Lord (cat) 5; CR 10
Ventifakt Gronthean, Evil Elven Sorcerer 10

Cibeb, male half-elf Ftr10/Rog2
Flesh-Reaper, Warforged Juggernaut CR12
The Tyrant's Eyes, Bishop of Hextor

BBEGs, High Level(CR 13-20)Edit

Oroku Saki Human Ninja CR13
Venerable Kobold Sorcerer 13 (with blue dragon wyrmling familiar)
Vampiric Goblin Blackguard CR 13
Gester Stromhivven, Chaotic Evil Bard 13
Tulaen ir'Guthren, Elite Cultist
Gafgarion, Human Knight 14
Painbringer, Adult White Dragon Barbarian 4 (CR 14)
Kafinia, Half-Fiend Annis Hag Priestess CR 14
Kobold Lich Sorcerer 13
Kantona, human Wrl15
Monster, "human" Wilder 15
Raharlge, Tiefling Overlord CR 15
Taggit, Half-Orc Ranger CR 15
Kia, Greater Succubus Tantrist 8
Siedell, Half-Fiend Samurai 13
Unique Half-Fiend Beholder
Ankerika, Advanced Half-Fey Succubus Fiend of Blasphemy CR 17
Human Chaos Sorcerer 17
Furelise, Harpy Vampire
Legendary Warlord CR19
The Stranger in Black CR 19
Zigglikaglack, Zeugalak Barbarian CR 20
"Manyfaces", Doppleganger Rogue 17
Darinious, Fallen Planetar Cleric 2
Merope, Pureblood Yuan-Ti Warlock CR 16
Human? Vermin Lord CR 17
"Mad Eye", High Priest of Vecna
Fenris "The Greyback", High Priest of Malar
Sagard, High Priest of Bane CR 15
Golbez, Human Warmage CR20
"The Dreadnaught", Human Warblade CR 14
Tordal, Dwarven Fleshwarper CR 18
Cyrus Shatterstrike Blackguard CR 13

BBEGs, Epic Level (CR 21-159)Edit

BBEGs, Cosmic Level(CR 160+)Edit

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