Valfin is a member of the Ashbound, a devout anti-magic sect featured in the Eberron Campaign Setting. A few of his spells are from the Complete Divine.

Despite his opinion of magic, Valfin is not evil, and he may work with heroes to stop magical threats to the world, if they can get over his prejudices.

Valfin (male human druid 5): CR 5; HD 5d8+5; hp 28; Init –1; Spd 30 ft; AC 9 (-1 dex, +3 armor); BAB +3; Grap +3; Atk +3 melee, +2 ranged; SQ spells, spontaneous summon, resist nature’s lure, wild empathy, wild shape 1/day, woodland stride, trackless step; AL LN; SV Fort +5, Ref +0, Will +7; Str 10, Dex 8, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 14.

Skills & Feats: Concentration +7 (+11 for casting on the defensive), Handle Animal +8, Heal +9, Knowledge (nature) +9, Ride +5, Spellcraft +7, Spot +9, Survival +10; Ashbound Initiate, Combat Casting, Natural Spell.

Languages: Common, Druidic, Sylvan.

Weapon: Quarterstaff: 1d6/1d6 20/x2 4lbs Bludgeoning

Animal Companion: Valfin has an eagle animal companion, described below.

Resist Nature’s Lure: Valfin has a +4 bonus on saves against spell-like abilities used by fey.

Wild Empathy: Valfin has a +7 modifier when attempting to influence animals.

Wild Shape: Valfin can adopt the shape of a Small or Medium woodland creature once a day for up to 5 hours. Changing shape is a standard action and he cannot speak in this form, but he can cast spells thanks to his Natural Spell feat. His favorite form is that of a dire hawk (MM2 p.76). In this form he has the following attributes: Medium Animal; Init +1; Spd 10 ft, fly 80 ft; AC 19 (+6 Dex, +3 armor); Atk +4 melee (1d4+1 claw); Full Atk +4/+4 melee (1d4+1 claw) and –1 melee (1d6 bite); Fort +6, Ref +7; Str 12, Dex 22, Con 15. When Valfin uses wild shape or changes back to his normal shape, he regains 5 hp.

Woodland Stride: Valfin can move through undergrowth and other natural terrain at his full speed.

Trackless Step: Valfin cannot be tracked through the wilderness.

Druid spells prepared (cast 5/4/3/2 per day): 0—create water, cure minor wounds, detect magic, light, read magic; 1—entangle, lesser vigor, produce flame, speak with animals; 2—barkskin, cat’s grace, heat metal; 3—mass lesser vigor, wind wall.

Equipment: +1 leather armor, wand of cure moderate wounds (20 charges), +1 ring of protection, 400 gp.

Eagle Companion: Small Animal; HD 3d8+3; hp 16; Init +3; Spd 10 ft, fly 80 ft; AC 17 (+1 size, +3 dex, +3 natural); BAB +2; Grap –2; Atk +5 melee (1d4 talons); SQ evasion, link, low-light vision, share spells; AL N; SV Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +3; Str 11, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha 6.

Skills & Feats: Listen +4, Spot +16; Alertness, Weapon Finesse (talons).