TRAPDOOR JIM, PL: 9, Identity: Trapdoor Jim (Public ID), Age: appears early 40s, Gender: male, Size: Medium. INIT: +8, DEF: 18/13; Base Speed 30/60/120, Leaping 40/80/160; MELEE +12, RANGED +12, MENTAL +11. SAVES: DMG +7, FORT +4, REF +4, WILL +3; ABILITIES: STR 18 (+4), DEX 18 (+4), CON 18 (+4), INT 13 (+1), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 18 (+4)

SKILLS: Bluff +7/0, Traps +7/6, Demolitions* +3/0, Diplomacy +7/0, Intimidate +10/6, Repair* +3/0, Survival +9/.

FEATS: Dodge [+1 def, or +2 def to one opponent], Fame [+3 Cha if fame is a benefit, -3 if not], Imp. Initiative [+4 to Initiative], Point Blank Shot [+1 to hit/dmg ranged attacks in 30 ft], Power Attack [(- attack), (+ dmg bonus), 5 max], Precise Shot [No penalty attacking targets in melee ], Rapid Shot [Extra ranged attack @ -2], Rapid Takedown [No limit to takedowns], Takedown Attack [Make add'tl attack if you stun], Scent (Super) [Can detect people, foes, etc. (DC 10)], Startle [Intimidate target, loses dodge bonus], Surprise Strike [ +1 dmg/2 PLs if target flat], Track [Can track target across terrain], Into thin Air (Super) [Body vanishes when you die], Ranged Disarm [Can disarm w/ a ranged weapon], Seize Initiative [Using HP, can seize first initiative.

POWERS: GADGETS (TRAPDOOR JIM EFFECT) [+9] [SUPER SCIENCE], E: Triggered - when stun target [+9]E: Dimension Travel [+9]PS: affect others [+9]F: one dimension (digital domain) [+9]PS: Weapon - Elephant Gun [+8]PS: Strike [+1]E: Datalink [+1]E: Clinging [+1]E: Leaping (40') [+8]E: Immunities: suffo, disease, [+5]age, poison, starvationE: Amazing Save - Damage [+.

WEAKNESS: Vulnerable - No dmg save to attack on Cartridge…, Quirk - he doesn't really exist, he's a game character.

COST: abilities 41, combat 30, skills 6, feats 32, powers 40, weakness -15, total 134.

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