The Ninefold Gates is a metropolitan city build upon the Hubris Mount, a mountain constructed through the use of a vast assemblage of wall of stone spells. The mountain has a circular footprint of almost precisely one square mile, and is surrounded by a high stone wall that forms a boundary roughly one mile in radius about it, though it's not a proper circle - closer to a clover-leaf shape. Each terrace is approximately three hundred feet wide, and one hundred feet above the one below it, linked by long, wide, sloping ramps to allow easy travel. Additionally, the bottom six terraces are divided in to four quarters, and the seventh and eigth divided in to two halves.

The ground level, encompassed by the outer walls, serves as farmland - not enough to feed the city, but enough to act as a stop-gap measure. Each terrace is slightly higher class than the one below it, with the highest level belonging to the nobility who rule the terrace-quarters. They live directly adjacent to The Needle To Blue, to remind them that their position is granted by a higher power, who will not tolerate their abuse of it.

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