The Needle is a tower, three-hundred feet in diameter and reaching a height of 4.8 miles, standing in the center of the tallest tier of The Ninefold Gates. From the outside, it appears a solid block of black marble, polished smooth as stone, but when one stands within it, the windows become apparent. It's levels are filled with endless mysteries and fearsome guardians, but most of all, it is Janeko's laboratory - and thusly an incredibly dangerous and profitable place to run amuck in. He's constantly maintaining the wards on it to keep ambitious adventures from teleporting in and absconding with his notes and servants.

The tallest point, the observatory, is magically enhanced for the study of the stars, offering Janeko the ability to peer deep in to the heavens, to observe the dance of celestial bodies, and keep an eye out for incoming adamic dragons - just in case.


At the begining of the Time of Darkness, the Needle to Blue was shifted slightly on its foundation, giving it a tilt of half a degree, extending the point of the needle a mere 221 feet away from the base's center. Due to the severe height of the tower, this would have quickly destroyed it if not for the magical artifact that holds it together. However, the weight threatens to cause the tower further tilt over the course of time, and eventually, there may come a day when the entire structure comes crashing to the earth...

While the tilt may be of such a tiny degree, it is very disconcerting to the people on the ground nearby, looking up at it.

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