The Crimson Scorpion is an espionage organization dedicated to taking over the world, forming a Soviet Empire. The organization was (re-)formed upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Crimson Scorpion is described on page 152 of the d20 Menace Manual. The leader and mastermind of the Crimson Scorpion is Josef Ukekov.

Josef UkekovEdit

Main article: Josef Ukekov

The charismatic mastermind of the Crimson Scorpion, Ukekov is a madman. His plans include acquiring nuclear bombs and planting them in major capital cities. He will threaten to detonate them if governments refuse to hand over all their weapons of mass destruction.

Scorpion's StingEdit

Ukekov's favorite special forces group is frequently sent to the United States or European countries to wreak havoc, assassinate enemies and otherwise cause mayhem. Heroes may find themselves facing this group on multiple occasions.

Scorpion's Sting is led by a former Spetsnaz officer known only as the First Stinger.

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