Tasty Taste PL: 10 (150+2pp =152pp total) Real Name: ? Age: mid to late thirties? Gender: Male, Size: Medium.

INIT: +16 (9 SuperSpeed +3Dex +4Improved Initiative) DEF: 28/16 (16base +9SuperSpeed +3Dex) Base Speed: 75ft.

MELEE +6 (4Ba +2Str) RANGED + 7 (4Ba +3Dex) MENTAL +5. (4Ba +1Wis)

SAVES: DMG: +2/12 (Evasion), FORT: +2, REF: +12, WILL: +1;

ABILITIES: STR 14, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 13, WIS 12, CHA 14

SKILLS: None, but needs them. (Just like everyone else in my game )

FEATS: Improved Initiative, Evasion, Instant Stand, Surprise Strike, Power Immunity (?) Headquarters.

POWERS: Time Control +9. Ex: Wall Run. Ps: Temporal Fugue. Flaw: Device. Time Travel (Alternate Timelines) +10. Ex: Teleport. Flaw: Device, Slow (Takes a round to activate)

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