In his villain guise, Surge wears a light blue bodysuit with white and black streaks across the costume, along with a metallic helmet that covers the top half of Surge’s head. The costume includes black gloves and boots. Surge is of Latino origin, and is 17 years old. He stands 5’7”, weighs 145 lbs., has short black hair, and brown eyes.

Surge 158 PP

PL 10; Init +11; Defense 22; Spd 65 Run; BAB +6; ATK +9 Melee (+9L Dam, Supercharged Punch), +10 Ranged (+8L Dam, Multi-Lightning); SV Dam +3, Fort +3, Ref +7, Will –1; STR 16, DEX 18, CON 16, INT 16, WIS 8, CHA 12.

Skills: Computers (7) +12, Craft – Electronics (4) +7, Demolitions (4) +7, Disable Device (4) +7, Forgery (3) +6, Hide (4) +10, Move Silently (4) +10, and Open Lock (6) +12.

Feats: Dodge, Immunity – Energy (Electricity), Improved Initiative, Move-By Attack, Power Immunity, Talented (Computers & Open Lock), and Talented (Hide & Move Silently).


  • Energy Control – Electricity +8 [Extras: Energy Blast (Extras: Area and Selective; Flaws: Range – Touch and Slow – Full-Round Action), Energy Field +5, Spinning +4 (Power Stunts: All-Around Sight and Whirlwind Attack), and Supercharged Punch (Strike (Melee) +6L); Source: Mutation (Electrical Control); Cost: 42 PP],
  • Force Field +4 [Source: Mutation (Electrical Control); Cost: 4 PP],
  • Running +4 [Source: Mutation (Speed); Cost: 8 PP],
  • Super-Speed +3 [Source: Mutation (Speed); Cost: 18 PP].

Equipment: None.

Weakness: None.

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