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Ssaroth    CR 9

M Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Cleric

N S Humanoid (Reptilian)

Init +0, Senses Listen +3; Spot +3; Low-light vision

Languages Draconic

AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 18 (+1 size, +4 mwk chain shirt, +3 Nat. Armor)

hp 75 (9d8+27 HD)

Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +9

Spd 30 ft. (6 squares)

Melee 2 claws +9 1d3+2 and bite +4 1d3+1

Base Atk +6/+1; Grp +4

Space 5 ft. ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Atk Options Divine Metamagic (empower) on spells: each use consumes 3 turning attempts.

Special Actions Poison use, spells, Turn Undead (6 attempts per day)

Class Spells Prepared (CL 9): (orisons: 6, 1st: 5+1, 2nd: 5+1, 3rd: 4+1, 4th: 3+1, 5th: 1+1)

Domains Destruction, Earth

Abilities Str 14 (+2), Dex 10 (+0), Con 16 (+3), Int 10 (+0), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 12 (+1)

SQ Chameleon skin, hold breath, low-light vision

Feats Extra Turning, Empower Spell, Divine Metamagic (Empower), Improved Initiative

Skills Concentration +15, Heal +16

Possessions mwk chain shirt, Periapt of Wisdom +2, Cloak of Charisma +2, Necklace of Fireballs II (1 6d6, 2 4d6, 2 2d6), Pearl of Power (1st), Belt Pouch, Backpack, Healer's kit

This lizardfolk cleric of Haka'torvhak (in Eberron) uses Divine Metamagic from Complete Divine.