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Silas the Corrupted, Lich High Priest of a Death GodEdit

Silas      CR23
Male Lich Cleric 21
Neutral Evil Medium Undead (Augmented Humanoid(Human))
Init +1; Senses Listen +29, Spot +29
Aura Evil
Languages Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Ignan, Celestial

AC 38, touch 17, flat-footed 37
hp 147 (21D12+21); DR15/Bludgeoning & Magic
Resist Immune Criticals, Cold, Electricity, Polymorph and Mind-Affecting Attacks, Resist Fire 30, 50% Miss Chance ; SR 17
Fort +12, Ref +7, Will +21

Spd 20 ft. (4 squares)
Melee Mace of Terror +22, +17, +12 (1D8+6/x2)
Ranged+1 Unholy Light Crossbow +17 (1D8+1+(2D6 vs Good)/19-20x2)
Base Atk +16; Grp +16
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Combat Gear Wand of Inflict Critical Wounds(42 Charges)
Special Actions Teleport 3/Day, Fear Cone 3/Day(DC16W), Death Touch 1/Day
Class Spells Prepared (CL22):6/7+1/7+1/7+1/7+1/7+1/5+1/5+1/5+1/5+1/1
Domains: Death & Evil 0lv: Light x6
1lv: [D]Protection from Good, Sanctuary x7
2lv: [D]Desecrate, Extended Sanctuary x7
3lv: [D]Animate Dead, Weapon of Impact*, Weapon of Energy*, Slashing Darkness* x5
4lv: [D]Unholy Blight, Divine Power, Summon UndeadIV* x6
5lv: [D]Slay Living, Summon UndeadV* x4, Mass Inflict Light Wounds x3
6lv: [D]Create Undead, Harm x2, Mass Inflict Moderate Wounds x3
7lv: [D]Destruction, Blasphemy x2, Mass Inflict Serious Wounds x3
8lv: [D]Create Greater Undead x3[1Domain], Greater Planar Ally, Mass Inflict Critical Wounds x2
9lv: [D]Wail of the Banshee, Extended Lions Roar* x5
10lv: Empowered Mass Inflict Critical Wounds

Abilities Str 10, Dex 12, Con --, Int 16, Wis 29, Cha 20
SQ Undead Traits
Feats Spell Focus(Conjuration), Augment Summoning, Craft Wonderous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Improved Toughness*, Empower Spell, Extend Spell, Sudden Maximize*, Improved Spell Capacity
Skills Concentration +24, Craft(Blacksmith) +15, Hide +4, Knowledge(Religion) +27, Listen +29, Move Silently +4, Search +12, Sense Motive +17, Spellcraft +27, Spot +29
Possessions Mace of Terror +4(as Mace of Terror except has +6 Enhancement Bonus), +1 Unholy Light Crossbow, +6 Full Plate of SR17 & Undead Controling, +10 Heavy Metal Shield of Greater Fire Resistance, Ring of Protection +5, Major Cloak of Displacement, Wand of Inflict Critical Wounds(42 Charges), Periapt of Wisdom +6, Helm of Teleportation, Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone, Pink & Green Sphere Ioun Stone, Scarlet & Blue Sphere Ioun Stone, Orange Prism Ioun Stone, Diary(Lich Phylactery), +1 Gargantuan Morning Star x5(used by his Cloud Giant Skeletons)
Undead Minions: Cloud Giant Skeleton x5, Bugbear Skeleton, 24Hit Die of Random Undead of your Choice ;


Before Combat: Desecrate, Greater Planar Ally(Advanced Aspect of Nerull or Glabrazu)
Round 1: Summon UndeadV(2 Wyrven Zombies)
Round 2: Summon UndeadIV(2 Ogre Zombies)
Round 3: Extended Lion's Roar
Round 4: Mass Inflict's on Undead Minions and PCs if needed or Attack spells if not
Round 5+: Repeat from Round 1

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