Shang Chi

Concept: Master of Kung Fu Ability Scores: Str 16,Dex 20,Con 18,Int 13,Wis 16,Cha 13.

Base Attack Bonus: +6(+10) Defense Bonus: +8

Skills: Acrobatics +12,Concentration +5,Escape Artist +12,Medicine+5,Profession (spy)+5, Sense Motive +5,Spot +5,Survival +5.

Feats: Accurate Attack,All-Out Attack,Ambidexterity,Attack Finesse,Attack Focus(Unarmed), Dodge,Evasion,Expertise,Improved Critical(unarmed),Imp. Disarm,Imp. Init.,Move By Attack, Power Attack,Rapid Strike,Takedown Attack,Toughness,Trance,2-Weapon Fighting;Detect(Life)


  • Amazing Save (Fort/Ref/Will)+4 [Source:Training;Cost:12pp]
  • Combat Sense +8[Source:

Training;Cost: 8pp];

  • Deflection +8 [Extras: Reflection;Flaw: Limited (Melee Attacks);Cost: 16pp];
  • Strike +7 [Power Stunts:Dual Damage,Extra Attacks(Fatigue,Paralysis);Source:Training;Cost:20pp];
  • Super-Dexterity+5[Source:Training;Cost: 20pp]

Attacks +16 melee(+10S/L, punch); ranged +11 Defense 28[Flat-footed 26] SV Dmg +6,Fort +8,Ref +14,Will +7

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