Seraphim looks like a typical angel from the Christian faith, as depicted in various artistic works, such as those found in catholic churches or illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages. He wears a flowing white robe, has an ornate golden crown on his head, and carries a longsword that glows with the light of day. Seraphim does not wear a mask or make any attempt to conceal his nature. He stands 6’6” tall and weighs 250 lbs., and he has flowing blond hair and light blue eyes. His skin is very pale.

Seraphim No Pseudonym 189 PP

PL 12; Init +2; Defense 21; Spd 30 Run, 60 Fly; BAB +6; ATK +11 Melee (+14S Dam, Sword of Truth), +8 Ranged (+0S Dam, None); SV Dam +6, Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +4; STR 18, DEX 14, CON 18, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 20; Hero Points 7.

Skills: Acrobatics (5) +7, Balance (5) +7, Diplomacy (7) +20, Intimidate (2) +15, Knowledge – Religion (15) +15, Listen (5) +7, Sense Motive (6) +8, and Spot (5) +7.

Feats: Aerial Combat, Attack Focus (Armed), Attractive, Detect (Evil), Great Fortitude, Hero’s Luck, Immunities (Aging, Disease, and Poison), Inspire, Iron Will, Leadership, Move-By Attack, Toughness, and True Sight.


  • Comprehend +5 [Flaw: Speech Only; Source: Divine; Cost: 5 PP],
  • Flight +12 [Flaw: Requires Wings; Source: Divine; Cost: 12 PP],
  • Force Field +10 [Source: Divine; Cost: 10 PP],
  • Healing +8 [Source: Divine; Cost: 24 PP].


  • Crown of Glory +8 [Mental Protection and Super-Charisma; Source: Divine; Cost: 8 PP]
  • Sword of Truth +10 [Strike and Paralysis (Extra: Triggered – When Seraphim Strikes a Liar or Deceiver; Flaw: Touch Range); Source: Divine; Cost: 20 PP].

Weaknesses: Quirk (Utmost Morals, Cannot Lie, Cheat, Steal, or Murder) and Naïve.

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