The Separatist Concept: Six-Armed Body Warper

French Canadian Angelina Fontaine was abandoned at birth, a child with six arms that became a ward of the state. She was eventually trained as an operative of the Canadian government, who refuse to acknowledge her chosen name of The Separatist because of it's implied political implications relating to the political party / idea that Quebec should be independent. She's likely become a free agent at some point after reaching adulthood.

In addition to her multiple limbs and the ability to teleport, Angelina creates localized biomass warp fields on her body, meaning that she can warp any part of her body within her teleport range, up to six segments at a time. Separated parts are still technically connected to her body, they are just displaced by the bio-warp fields. By moving the bio-warp field, her separated body parts appear to "fly." She can separate all six arms (or just the fists) and teleport or fly them around in a flurry of blows in combat. (Picture Nightcrawler's assault on the White House in X-2, but with multiple arms flying and teleporting all over the place.)

PL: 10 (150 pp)

Combat and Saves: Initiative: +16 (Dex +8; Improved Initiative +8 ); Defense 22 (Dodge Focus +5; Flat-Footed: 13); Spd: 30/60/120 (Teleport 400/1 mile extended); Attack +9; Saves: Fort +4, Reflex +8, Will +1, Toughness +7 (Defensive Roll: 3; Knockback 3/1 (Flat))

Str: 18 (+4); Dex: 26 (+8); Con: 18 (+4); Int: 10 (+0); Wis: 12 (+1); Cha: 10 (+0)

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+14); Climb 10 (+14); Languages 1 (French, English);Notice 3 (+4)

Feats: All-Out Attack; Ambidexterity; Defensive Roll +3; Dodge Focus +5; Elusive Target; Evasion +1; Improved Initiative +2; Instant Up; Improved Trip; Move-By Action


  • Anatomical Separation +6; Extras: Variable Split [+1]
  • Flight +6; Flaw: Limited - Only Separated Body Parts [-1]
  • Additional Limbs (Four Extra Arms) +3; Power Feat: Innate
  • Teleportation +4; Extras: Accurate [+1]; Power Feat: Change Direction; Change Velocity; Easy; Selective; Turnabout
  • Strike +5; Extras: Area (Radius) [+1]; Autofire [+1]

Power Feats: Mighty; Selective; Thrown

Drawback: One less limb than Progression Table grants, -1.

Costs: Abilities - 34; Skills - 5 (20 ranks); Feats - 17; Powers - 63; Combat - 32; Saves - 0

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