GoombaThis character was designed as part of a group of NPCs; you're welcome to use them separately, though parts of the description or combat strategies listed below may assume that this character is used together with their allies. You can find more information about them and their allies as a group on this page.

A wise but stubborn old man who is seen as the epitome of the moral politician throughout the galaxy. His bad health has resulted in many subtle - and some obvious - attempts to influence him to step down.

Senator Radmuss Drayne of Alderaan: Male Old Human Diplomat 11; Init -1; Def 9 (+0 class, -1 ability); Spd 10 m; VP/WP 0/7; Atk +3 melee (1d3-2, unarmed), or +4 ranged (by weapon); SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +10; SZ M; FP 0; DSP 0; Rep +6; Str 7, Dex 8, Con 7, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 18. Challenge Code C.

  • Equipment: Emergency comlink, senatorial wardrobe.
  • Skills: Bluff +20, Diplomacy +20, Gather Information +20, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (Alderaan) +20, Knowledge (Coruscant) +8, Knowledge (politics) +13, Knowledge (history) +8, Profession (senator) +11, Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Bith, Read/Write Cerean, Read/Write Chagri, Read/Write Gang, Read/Write Huttese, Read/Write Mon Calamarian, Search +6, Sense Motive +19, Speak Basic, Speak Bith, Speak Cerean, Speak Chagri, Speak Gand, Speak Huttese, Speak Mon Calamarian.
  • Feats: Diplomatic Immunity, Fame, Influence, Persuasive, Skill Emphasis (Knowledge [Alderaan]), Sharp-Eyed, Trustworthy.


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