Character Name: Sea Goddess

Alternate Identity: Alana Roberts (Golden Age)/ Jun Tanner (Silver Age) (Changed to Junko Tanaka in 1970)

Identity: Secret

Base of Operations: Pacific Theater (GA)/Okinawa (SA)

First Appearance: "Bonanza Comics #27", April 1942 (Golden Age), "Amazing Science Fantasy #50", March 1959 (Silver Age)

Power Level: 11

Strength: 14

Dexterity: 18

Constitution: 15

Intelligence: 13

Wisdom: 15

Charisma: 14

Damage: +2

Fortitude: +2

Reflex: +4

Will: +2

Defense: 24 (Base +10, Dex +4)

Initiative: +4

Hero Points: 6

Base Attack: +7

Melee: +9

Ranged: +11


Elemental Control (Water) +11 (Source: Mystical / Mutation)

Stunts: Create Element, Elemental Blast

Extras: Absorption, Movement, Shield





Identity Change

Underwater Combat

Stunning Attack

Move-By Attack


Create Element

Elemental Blast

Dolphin Leap

Super Swimming



Search: 9 ranks (+10)

Spot: 8 ranks (+10)

Acrobatics: 5 ranks (+9)

Balance: 5 ranks (+9)

Swimming: 9 ranks (+11)

Languages: English, Japanese


Vulnerability (Radiation)

Origin (Golden Age):

Alana Roberts was orphaned at the age of 2 by a shipwreck in the Pacific, washing ashore on a remote island. The islanders embraced her as a chosen one, destined to become the mystic Sea Goddess, and in a secret ritual she was given her unique power over the water. Many years passed, and war broke out in the Pacific. The Sea Goddess emerged from seclusion to fight for the Allies against the Japanese navy.

Origin (Silver Age):

Jun Tanner was raised to believe her father had been an American living in Okinawa, who returned to serve in the U.S. Navy and was killed in combat. (She would later learn her father was a native Okinawan who had gone into hiding after an accusation of murder which later proved to be false.) Raised by her mother, she earned a living as a pearl diver. On one faithful expedition she came across a radioactive meteorite which had fallen into the sea the previous night. The radiation triggered a mutation, giving her elemental powers. The meteor also mutated some of the neighboring sea life into a hulking monster, and in battling that menace she began her career as the new Sea Goddess.

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