Sapphire Sorceress

Name: Maureen Werner Affiliation: The Ruthless/Formerly of The Elven Brotherhood Power Level: 12 Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 110 lbs.

Origin: The Sapphire Sorceress and her brother, Fadeout, are the children of an older ELF by the name of Polarity. He was one of the early experiments that succeeded, but escaped from the program. Polarity later met a woman by the name of Cassandra with some magic ability and stayed with her for a while. The government was still looking for him, so he eventually had to leave, not knowing that that Cassandra was pregnant. Cassandra gave birth to twins. They would eventually grow up with abilities of their own, gained from their father’s genes. The Sorceress’ abilities centered around affecting other people’s luck. She augmented her abilities by learning magic from her mother, as well. As with her brother and father, the Sorceress has been on both sides of many confrontations. Though, of late, it has been more on the wrong side.

Sapphire Sorceress; PL 12; Init +2; Defense 17/15 flat-footed; Spd 30/40 flying; Atk +2 melee (+0 S, punch); SV Dmg +0, Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +15, Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 20, Cha 14. (40 pp)

Skills: Concentration +13, Knowledge (Arcana) +11, Sense Motive +10, Spot +10. (12 pp)

Feats: Detect Magic, Iron Will, Skill Focus (Concentration, Arcana), Talented (Concentration & Arcana, Sense Motive & Spot), True Sight. (14 pp)

Powers: Amazing Save-Will +8, Luck +8 (Extra: Jinx; Flaw: Jinx Only; 5 pp), Sorcery +8 (Base Spells: Telekinesis, Force Field, ESP, Obscure, Energy Blast, Animation, Teleportation; Additional Spells: Fatigue, Flight, Paralysis, Slow, Snare; 7 pp). (114 pp)

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