DragonThis dragon NPC is part of a larger repository attempting to create a sample, un-classed, dragon of each age category for each dragon race in the WotC rulebooks. View all Sample Dragons here.

VorelMiirikvurVaeri(Beautiful song and dance) Brass Wyrm

Gargantuan dragon (fire) HD 34d12+238 = 459 hp; int +4 Mv 60, fly 250 (poor) AC 39 (touch 6, flatfooted 39); BAB +34, grapple +58 Attack : Bite +42 (4d6+12), Full Attack +42 (4d6+12); 2 claws +37 (2d8+6) 2 wings +37 (2d6+6) Tail Slap +37 (2d8+18); space reach 20/15 (20 with bite) SA Breath weapon, Crush, Frightful Presence, SA abilities, Spells, Tail Sweep, SQ: blind sense 60ft, DR 20/magic, endure elements, immune to fire, sleep, and paralysis, SR 28(34), not vulnerable to cold, SV fort + 28, Ref +19, will +26 (+2 vs dragons) Str. 35, Dx 10, Cn 25, int 20, wis 21, chr 20

Skills: Concentrate 22, kn Arcane 20, kn Dungoneering 20, kn Nature 20, kn Outer Planes 20, Spellcraft 25, spot 41, Listen 41, Kn Religion 20, all other points in performance skills.

VS: dragons +2 to all saves & AC; +2 to hit, DC and spell penetration. Evasion vs dragon breath.

Feats (12): 1,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33, Iron will, Suppress Weakness, Overcome weakness, Dragon Hunter, Dragon Foe, Dragon hunter defense, Improved Initiative, Awaken Spell Resistance, Power Attack, Ability Focus – Breath, Recover Breath. Great Fortitude

Useful Spell like abilities: 1/day control winds, suggestion

Fright Presence (ex) 330’ft DC 32, 33 HD or less. Breath Weapon 120’ Line of fire 11d6, DC 36 or 60’ cone of sleep 1d6 +11 rounds

Spells – As 17th lvl sorcerer. DC 15+lvl, 6/8/7/7/7/7/6/6/4 8th (2) : Enervating Breath, Otto’s Irresistible dance 7th (3) : Greater Stunning Breath, Waves of Exhaustion, Energy Immunity 6th (3): True Seeing, Greater Dispel Magic, Heal 5th (4), Fabricate, Wall of Force, Teleport, Draconic Might, 4th (4). Greater invisibility, Lower Spell Resistance (DC +17) Dispelling Breath, Breath Substitution 3rd (5) Circle of protection from Evil, Haste, Blink, Slow, Protection from Energy, 2nd (5) Mirror Image, False Life, Cure Moderate Wounds. See invisibility, 1st (5) Divine Favor, Mage Armor, Shield, Silent Image, Disguise Self,

VorelMiirikvurVaeri has specialized in hunting and fighting other dragons. She was named general for Chaotic Good in a extra dimensional Arena. She herself entered the field and personally triumphed over the forces of Neutral Evil, and Lawful Evil in the Finals. Her layers of magical defense and personal enhancement proved important along with the enervation/fire breath spell, that proved impossible to avoid. (dc 36 fortitude, SR no.)

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