In the heart of the Teria Pick lies a system of galery digs by the dwarves. These gallery lead into a complex that is known as the dwarven city of Roathin.

There are three access known to reach the city. The first is a cave entrance that open near the top of the Teria Pick. When you walk down that tunnel, you will first meet a large wall with embrasure and a large heavy metal door. The craftmanship of the wall and the door is of high quality, but signs of friable rock can be seen, caused by intense heat. The cold of the outside can be felt, but once you pass the door, the cold seems blocked and a warm and confortable air where linger the smell of the forge.

The second access is through the underdark. When leaving the drow territories, you enter the dwarven mine. These mines have be dought a lot and most of the precious gold and gems have been removed, leaving only rocky walls. Some gallery have collapse following and intense heat. Some of the deeper galleries have been blocked by frozen magma.

Coming through the mine or the Pick, both enter a large complex of gallery. This complex have been made with high craftmanship. The complex is very cartesian and it is hard to get lost. The complex is made on three levels. The upper and lower levels contain small appartments where a family could have well lived. All compound are made in the same parten, with three bedroom and two common room. Most of the furniture is crude and made of rock, offering only the basic of life. The middle level contain larger rooms for storing and shops. Most of them lay empty, but the forge have been upgraded and well maintain. No where into the city can be found object or furniture made of nonflammables materials.

The middle level give access to a large room that once stood empty and was used as meeting place. Today stand a large ziggurah like building, named the Temple of the Forging Flame. This temple looks more recent than all other contruction in the dwarven city, and mix the dwarven architecture with an unknown one. Two larges doors crafted with adamantium, decorated with a large flame, surrounded by the symbol of the dwarven gods. All the walls are smooth and offer no other opening or decoration.

Another gallery lead out of this large room into the heart of the mountain. It ends up in a dead end. In this gallery, the walls are made of frozen magma. It is there who once stood a protal that lead into the elemental plane of fire, near the City of Beredur. The magma who rush out fo that portal once have blocked many galleries that was leading into the mines. Today the portal is closed, but the heat left behind still warm that cave.

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