Character Name: Professor Hawk

Alternate Identity: Garrison Drake

Identity: Secret

Base of Operations: Cambridgeshire, UK

First Appearance: "Mystery Comics #2", August 1939.

Power Level: 11

Strength: 15

Dexterity: 16

Constitution: 16

Intelligence: 20

Wisdom: 15

Charisma: 14

Damage: +3

Fortitude: +3

Reflex: +3

Will: +2

Defense: 20 (Base +7, Dex +3)

Initiative: +3

Hero Points: 6

Base Attack: +7

Melee: +9

Ranged: +10


Gadgets +6

Source: Super-Science

SFX: Pulls devices from folds of his cape


Nighthawk Stealth Plane

Large Aircraft

Movement 12

Armor 10

Hardness 12

Snare +5

Invisibility: +3

Radio Hearing

Dark Vision

(Total Cost: 46 pp)

Dart Gun +6 S/L

Sight Range

Dual Damage

(Total Cost: 12 pp)

Feats: Track


Headquaters (Hawk's Nest)


Science (Physics) 5 ranks (+10)

Craft (Electronics) 5 ranks (+10)

Demolitions 2 ranks (+7)

Disable Device 2 ranks (+7)

Search 5 ranks (+10)

Spot 4 ranks (+6)

Repair 5 ranks (+10)

Listen 4 ranks (+6)

Pilot 4 ranks (+7)

Origin: Originally an aerodynamics engineer studying at Cambridge, Professor Garrison Drake fell afoul of enemy spies (originally Nazis, but you know how time works in comics) seeking to steal his plans for a stealth aircraft. Using his own ingenuity to foil the spies, Drake took up crimefighting and moved to a secluded tower in the countryside.

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