Prodigy, a kid only 15 years old, appears to be way out of his element in a superhero costume. He is lanky and shallow-chested, barely filling out his costume, which is a blue and white striped bodysuit, complete with a mask covering the top of the head and eyes. A white swirl design symbol is seen on the forehead. He wears a pair of blue gloves and boots. Prodigy is of Asian origin, stands 5’6”, weighs 135 lbs., has black hair, and blue eyes.

Prodigy James Crowder 131 PP

PL 8; Init +0; Defense 15; Spd 30 Run, 15 Fly; BAB +3; ATK +2 Melee (-1S Dam, Punch), +8 Ranged (+8S Dam (Will), Mental Blast); SV Dam -1, Fort -1, Ref +0, Will +7; STR 8, DEX 10, CON 8, INT 18, WIS 20, CHA 10; Hero Points 4.

Skills: Concentration (5) +10, Knowledge – Pop Culture (3) +7, Languages (Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese), Listen (5) +10, Sense Motive (6) +11, and Spot (5) +10.

Feats: Indomitable Will, Iron Will, Psychic Awareness, and Trance.


  • Mental Blast +8 [Extra: Mental Assault; Source: Psionics; Cost: 32 PP],
  • Mental Protection +8 [Source: Psionics; Cost: 16 PP],
  • Telekinesis +3 [Extras: Energy Blast, Flight, and Force Field; Flaw: Concentration Required; Source: Psionics; Cost: 12 PP],
  • Telepathy +3 [Extras:Group Link, Illusion, Memory Alteration, and Mind Control; Flaw: Concentration Required; Source: Psionics; Cost: 15 PP].

Equipment: None.

Weakness: None

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