PL: 10 , Init: +17 , Defense:28 (flatt footed 15) , Spd: 75 feet , Atk:+9 mellee (+11S mach one punch) , SV: dmg:+12(+3 if not spinning) for:+3 ref:+13 will:+0 , Str:14 , Dex:18 , Con:16 , Int:8 , Wis:10 , Cha:14

SKILLS:balance+5,sleight of hand+5, spot +2, knowledge (pinball machine)+3

FEATS: rapid strike,move by attack,instand stand,ligthning reflexes, attack finnesse,improved initiative.


  • Super speed +9 (extra: mach one punch, deflection.power stunt: spinning, all around sight, whirlwind attack. cost 8PP.source : mystical)
  • Duplication +9 (extra: triggered - on kinetic impact. flaw: restricted - need an important kinetic impact to activate. Power stunt: immunity - kinetic energy. Power cost 2PP. Power source mystical)


  • Susceptible : to mystycal energy and power.
  • vulnerable: to mystacal power source

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