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In his hero guise, Pathfinder wears a traditional Navajo feathered headdress, leather pants, and a magical breastplate composed of eagle bones and feathers. He carries a large magical knife on his hip, as well as a crossbow and quiver of bolts on his back. Pathfinder does not wear a mask, gloves, or boots. He is of Native American origin, and is 31 years old. He stands 5’9”, weighs 170 lbs., has long black hair, and brown eyes.

Pathfinder Johnny Whitecrow 136 PP

PL 8; Init +2; Defense 18; Spd 30 Run; BAB +3; ATK +3 Melee (+6L Dam, Coyote Knife), +5 Ranged (+6L Dam, SuperX Crossbow); SV Dam +2, Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5; STR 10, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 13, WIS 16, CHA 10; Hero Points 4.

Skills: Climb (2) +2, Concentration (3) +6, Hide (2) +4, Jump (2) +2, Listen (6) +19, Move Silently (2) +4, Search (6) +15, Spot (6) +19, Survival (6) +9(17), and Swim (2) +2.

Feats: Expertise, Improved Disarm, Iron Will, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Scent, Skill Focus (Survival), Talented (Listen and Spot), and Track.


  • Mental Protection +5 [Source: Psionics; Cost: 10 PP],
  • Microscopic Vision +2 [Source: Mutation (Enhanced Senses); Cost: 2 PP],
  • Postcognition +6 [Source: Psionics; Cost: 18 PP],
  • Super-Senses +8 [Source: Mutation (Enhanced Senses); Cost: 16 PP],
  • Telescopic Sense (Vision) +5 [Source: Mutation (Enhanced Senses); Cost: 5 PP].


  • Coyote Knife [Strike (Melee)] +6 (Source: Mystical; Cost: 6 PP],
  • Magical Breastplate [Protection] +6; Source: Mystical; Cost: 6 PP],
  • SuperX Crossbow [Strike (Ranged)] +6 [Source: Super-Science; Cost: 6 PP].

Weakness: Quirk (Afraid to Fly).

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