Nobles' House Knight: Ftr-4 CR 4

AC: 19 HP: 34

human male ST 16 CON 14 DEX 13 IN 10 WIS 12 CH 8 E: Masterwork full plate, masterwork greatsword, mighty (ST 16) masterwork composite longbow with 20 +1 arrows.

6 Feats: Wpn focus greatsword, wpn spec greatsword, power attack, cleave, point blank shot, rapid shot.

Greatsword: ATT + 9 damage: 2d6+6. 4 pt

Power Attack: ATT +5 dam: 2d6+10

Longbow, rapid shot, +1 arrows: ATT+4/+4 (PB +5/+5) damage: 1d8+4

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