Ninja Boy

Real Name: Yoshi Amazawa; Age: 16; Gender: Male.

PL: 7, Boy Ninja Dealing with His Misspent Youth, Size: Medium; INIT: +3, DEF 21/ Flat Footed 15; SPEED 30, Leaping 30; MELEE +5 (+7S), RANGED +6, MENTAL +4, SV: DMG +2, FORT +2, REF +8, WILL +1; STR 14, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 12, WIS 13, CHA 14.

SKILLS: Acrobatics +17 (9 ranks, Dex/Super Dex +, Balance +11 (3 ranks, Dex/Super Dex +, Climb +11 (9 ranks, Str +2), Hide +19 (9 ranks, +8 Dex/Super Dex, +2 Stealthy), Move Silently +19 (9 ranks, +8 Dex/Super Dex, +2 Stealthy), Open Lock +11 (3 ranks, +8 Dex/Super Dex), Search +7 (ranks 6, Int +1)

FEATS: Evasion, Dodge, Identity Change, Stealthy

POWERS: Super Dexterity +5 (Extras: Deflection, Combat Sense, Leaping, Strike Sources: Mystical, Training cost: 7pp/level 35pp Power Stunts: Blind-Fight, Blindsight) Ninja Suit +5 (Effect: Gadgets Extras: Expanded 3pp/level, Clinging, Flaw: Ninja Paraphanalia Only Source: Mystical)

Weaknesses: Doting Grandmother (Once per Adventure the GM may spend a Villain Point to have Ninja Boy's grandmother call or appear at a most inopportune time [this weakness is taken from the annual])

COST Breakdown: Abilities 23, Powers 54pp, Skills 15pp, Feats 8pp, BdB 6pp, BaB 9pp Weakness: -10 Total: 105)

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