Night Owl

Powerlevel:10 Alternate Identity:Mercy Davis Group: The Guardians Sex:F Height:5'10" Weight:190 Age:27 Eyes:Blue Hair:Black

Stats STR:18 +4 DEX:20 (+5+3super)+8 CON:18 +4 INT:20 +5 WIS:18 +4 CHA:18 +3 cost:52

Saves Damage:4 Fort:4 Ref:8 Will:4


Initiative:12 (+8dex+4Feat) Hero Points:5 cost:14

Attacks Base Attack:7 Melee:11 (7+4str) Range:15 (7+8dex) Indirect:11 (7+4wis) cost:21

Super Powers Super DEX:3 Extrs: Leaping, Combat Sense

cost:5/level total cost: 15


Armor:4 cost:1/level total cost:4

Swing lines:8 cost:1/level total cost:4

Night Talons Ranged weapon:3 (mighty) Power stunts:

Explosive Talons:3 Ranged weapon, area

Flash Bombs:3 Dazzle, burst

Tangle Talons:3 Snair, snair (save-vs-snair twice) cost:2/level Power Stunts:6 Total cost:(+6+6) 12

Gadgets:4 cost:1/level total cost:4

Feats Vehicle, Power Attack, Improved Initiative, Rapid Strike, Suprise Strike, Track


Skills 3:1 buy (including skills with ranks and those likely to be used with concept.) Acrobatics:10 (8/2), Ballance:10 (8/2), Bluff:4 (4/0), Climb:4 (4/0), Computers:6 (5/1), Diplomacy:4 (4/0), Disable Device:7 (5/2), Disguise:5 (4/1), Drive:10 (8/2), Escape Artist:9 (8/1), Gather Info:4 (4/0), Hide:8 (8/0), Knowledge/Law:6 (5/1), Listen:4 (4/0), Move Silently:8 (8/0), Open Lock:8 (8/0), Pilot:9 (8/1), Science/Forensics:6 (5/1), Search:6 (5/1), Sense Motive:5 (4/1), Spot:5 (4/1)

6ppX3=18 skill points

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