This Organization is to make a repository for sample stats for various Druid and Ranger Animal Companions. As I am sure you know, statting up Druids and high level Rangers is more like creating two characters because you usually have to advance the Animal Companion, too. The idea here is to create a quick, easy alternative to that. This list could also be useful to Players as well.

As this would be a big project for a single person, I am asking for help from anyone who is willing. The only thing that I would ask of you if you want to help is to try to make (or add later) several different sample chosen Feat/Trick lists(with coresponding Skill bonus lists if necessary) for an entry: one generic "Combat" orientated list and alternate Special purpose lists, such as "Mount", for an entry suitable for riding or "Scout/Tracker" for an entry that can fly or track by scent or "Other" for something else it might be able to do.(This bit is purely optional, just some thing I thought might be necessary for a few of the Animals) If you are interested in helping or using this resource, please let me know in the discussion here. Thanks:)

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