Nano-Copy PL: 10

-Ability Score-

STR : 12 +1 DEX: 14 +2 CON: 12 +1 INT: 20 +3 WIS: 14 +2 CHA: 10 -

Initiative: +2 BAB: +5 BDB: +5

-Attack- Melee: +6 (+1S Punch) Ranged: +7

-Defense- Defense:17 Flatfoot:15 Mental:17

-Saving Throw- Damage:+3 Fortitude:+1 Reflex:+2 Will:+2

-Skill- Computer +8 Science(Nano-Machine Technology) +11 Craft(Mechanics) +11 Disable Device +8

-Feat- Toughness Talented(Science, Craft) Immunity(Aging, Disease, Poison) Detect(Mechanic)

-Power- Reunited Nano-machine body [Effect: Mimic +10(Power); Extras: Expanded Powers x2, Shapeshift(Flaw: Limited-Only Machine), Get Powers from Mechanical Object; Flaw: Limited - Only from the Mechanical Object; Source: Super-science; Cost: 5; Total: 50pp] -> His nano-machine body can copy mechanical object's structure. then, He can mimic Mechanical object's Talent.

Memorized Structure [Effect: Gadget +5; Source: Super-science; Cost: 1; Total: 5pp] -> He has some memorized structure. Spent a hero point, He use mechanical talent.

Density Control +3 [Source: Super-science; Cost: 5; Total: 15pp]

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