Monkey King Power Level 13 Concept: Mythological Mischiefmaking Monkey

Stats Strength 15 Dexterity 20 Constitution 18 Intelligence 15 Wisdom 10 Charisma 18

Combat Values Melee Attack +11, Melee Damage +5S unarmed, +15S with Iron Bar, Ranged Attack +11, Defense 25

Saves Damage Save +4, Fortitude Save +4, Reflex Save +10, Will Save +0

Skills Listen +3, Search +3, Spot +3

Feats Attack Finesse, Expertise, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Instant Stand, Minions (many monkeys)

Super-Feats Extra Limb (source: monkeys have tails), Immunity: Aging, Fire (source: made out of stone) True Sight (source: mystical)

Powers Cloud-Hopping Shoes - These let the Monkey King ride around on clouds. (Effect: Flight +4. Flaw: device. Source: mystical. Cost: 4)

Taoist Magic - According to the legend, Monkey King studied under a Taoist master and gained the ability to change shape. (Effect: Shapeshift +8. Extras: continuous, movement, shrinking. Source: mystical. Cost: 40)

Iron Staff - This weapon is a pillar from the kingdom of the Sea Dragon; it can grow very large, and strike foes at a great distance. (Effect: Weapon +10. Extra: elongation. Source: mystical. Cost: 20)

Protection - The Monkey King was originally a stone statue who came to life. (Effect: Protection +8. Source: alien. Cost: 16)

Super-Strength - Since he is made out of stone, Monkey King is pretty darn strong. (Effect: Super Strength +3. Source: alien. Cost: 12)

Super-Dexterity - Life in the forest, and training under the Taoist martial artists, have made Monkey King really quick and nimble. (Effect: Super Dexterity +5. Source: training. Cost: 20)

Weakness Naive. Monkey King trusts people and doesn't understand civilized ways, but once he figures out he's been tricked, he gets really angry.

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