Minor force oozes are formed from the residue magic of the countless magic missle and mage armour spells cast in dungeons and on battlefields.

It appears to be a spherical, twisting ball, formed by dozens of force bolts folding in on themselves. A pale blue nimbus surrounds it.

Minor Force Ooze    CR 2

Living Spell

N Medium Ooze

Init -1, Senses Listen -1; Spot -1; Blindsight 60'

AC 13, touch 10, flat-footed 13 (+1 deflection, +4 magic armour, -1 Dex)

hp 5 (1 HD); DR 10/magic

Immune poison, sleep, paralysis, polymorph, stunning, critical hits, flanking; SR 11

Fort +1, Ref +0, Will +0

Spd 40'

Melee Slam +0 (1d4) plus magic missile

Base Atk +0; Grp +0

Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Special Actions Spell Effect, Engulf DC 11

Abilities Str 11 (+0), Dex 8 (-1), Con 11 (+0) Wis 8 (-1), Cha 11 (+0)

SQ Ooze traits (Mindless, blind)



Environment Dungeons, battlefields

Organization Solitary

Treasure None

A minor force ooze without the mage armour spell has AC 11 and is CR 1.

Spell Effect (Su) If a minor force ooze attepts a slam attack at an opponent, it also unleashes a magic missile, which strikes unerringly causing 1d4+1 force damage; this occurs even if the slam attack misses.

Engulf (Ex) Ooze may move into opponent's space; Opponent gets attack of opportunity or a reflex save of DC 11. If save is made, opponent is pushed back or aside, otherwise opponent is considered grappled and suffers a magic missile strike each round.


The Living Spell template from Monster Manual III has been used; I've allowed the magic missile spell effect to occur even if the ooze misses with its slam attack, and I've allowed a permament mage armour effect. Both, I think, are in the spirit of the spell descriptions and Living Spell template, and easily covered by the creature's CR of 2.

4th EditionEdit

Minor Force Ooze Level 1 Solo Soldier
Medium abberant animate XP 500
Initiative +2 Senses Perception -1
HP 80; Bloodied 40
AC 19; Fortitude 15, Reflex 14, Will 12
Saving Throws +5
Speed 8 spaces
Action Points 2
4eIcon BasicMelee Slam (standard; at-will) 4eIcon Diamond Force

+8 vs. AC; 2d4+3 force damage

4eIcon Melee Engulf (standard; at-will) 4eIcon Diamond Force

The minor force ooze attacks one Medium or smaller target; +6 vs. Reflex. On a hit, the target is grabbed and pulled into the ooze’s space; the target is dazed and takes ongoing 5 force damage until it escapes the grab. A creature that escapes the grab shifts to a square of its choosing adjacent to the ooze.

Alignment Unaligned Languages none
Skills ??
Str 11 Dex 8 Wis 8
Con 11 Int 1 Cha 1
Equipment none