Name: None Affiliation: The Ruthless Power Level: 12 Height: 6’ 2” Weight: 260 lbs.

Origin: Mass was created by a well-meaning but misguided scientist. The scientist was trying to create an automated soldier to replace real people on the battlefield. Unfortunately, he died before giving the android its moral programming. Once the scientist was dead, the android left to investigate the world. Having no morals, it would take whatever it felt it needed. It eventually hooked up with the Ruthless, continuing its amoral ways.

Mass; PL 12; Init +3; Defense 18/15 flat-footed; Spd 30/50 flying; Atk +9 melee (+4/+14 S, punch), +8 ranged (+14 energy blast); SV Dmg +4, Fort +12, Ref +3, Will +9, Str 18, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 8. (52 pp)

Skills: Computers +5/+15, Repair +5, Spot +5. (10 pp)

Feats: Darkvision, Immunities (Aging, Critical Hits, Disease, Exhaustion, Heat, Electricity, Poison, Pressure, Starvation, Suffocation), Photographic Memory, Radio Broadcast, Radio Hearing, Rapid Healing, Ultra Hearing. (12 pp)

Powers: Density Control +10 (Extras: Flight, Energy Blast, Comprehend, Datalink, Immunities; 11 pp), Amazing Save-Fortitude +8 (Extra: Will; 2 pp). (126 pp)

Weakness: Disturbing, Vulnerable-Cold.

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