Marshal John "Marshmallow" Fackler       CR 7
Male Half-Elf Cleric 7
Lawful Good Medium Humanoid (Elf, Half-Elf)
Init -1; Senses Low-Light Vision Listen +4, Spot +4
Aura Law
Languages Common, Elven

AC 20, touch 9, flat-footed 20 (+8 Armor, +3 Shield, -1 Dex)
hp 39 (7D8+7);
Resist Immune Sleep, Save +2 vs Enchantment Spells and Effects;
Fort +7, Ref +2, Will +9

Spd 20 ft. (4 squares)
Melee Heavy Mace +6 (1D8/x2)
Ranged Light Crossbow +4 (1D8/19-20x2)
Base Atk +5; Grp +5
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Combat Gear Scrolls: (Raise Dead, Summon MonsterIV, Divine Power)
Special Actions Protective Ward 1/Day, Turn Undead 5/Day
Class Spells Prepared (CL 7):
0lv: Light x2, Detect Magic x2, Read Magic x2
1lv: Sanctuary[D], Sanctuary x3, Detect Evil, Comprehend Languages
2lv: Shield Other[D], Lesser Restoration x2, Summon MonsterIIx2
3lv: Magic Circle Against Chaos[D], Dispel Magic, Summon MonsterIII x2
4lv: Spell Immunity[D], Lesser Planar Ally

Abilities Str 10, Dex 8, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 14
SQ Half-Elf Traits, Spontaneous Cure Spells
Feats Negotiator, Skill Focus:Gather Information, Scribe Scroll
Skills Diplomacy+16, Gather Information+12, Search +2, Sense Motive+10
Possessions Combal Gear, Mwk Heavy Mace, Light Crossbow, 10 Bolts, Mwk Fullplate, +1 H.M. Shield, Cloak of Resistance +1, Scroll:Tongues, Silver Holy Symbol:St. Cuthbert, 1475GP

Marshal Fackler is not your average Cleric of St. Cuthbert, not by a long shot! Raised by the Church after being orphened at a young age, He was trained as a Cleric because of his Clumbsiness and average strength made him lousy at martial arts. It was hoped that Magical Training would make him a more effective combatant capable of Smiting Evil With the Hammer of Justice! Their prayers were not quite answered the way they expected:P As he developed his Casting, He became enamored with the potential of protective Spells and Abitities. He saw his fellows choosing Offensive effects almost exclusively and being beat-up on the front lines and decided that He would rather be ridiculed as a Coward then let his comrads be slain by their own Shortsieghtedness. Let them call him "Marshal Marshmallow"! Let them call him a Coward! It did not matter to him! He would protect them all from their own mistakes! To that end, He forged an alliance with a Hound Archon named Bobidan. Bob, as he is known commonly, saw great potential in this young Cleric as well as an opportunity to accept his own shameful reputation of cowardice. A pair of misfits and the Bravest Cowards the universe has ever known!

If Bob is not with him, Marshal Fackler calls him there first thing. From then on, Sanctuary as needed and Summons or protective buffs. Bob uses Aid, then wades into melee.

Recomended D&D Mini Cleric of St. Cuthbert