Mandoran Grey PL: 10 (150+4pp =154pp total) Real Name: Mandoran Grey Age: Around 400. Gender: Male, Size: Medium.

INIT: +2 (Dex) DEF: 18 (16base +2Dex) Base Speed: 30ftGround/25Flight.

MELEE +6 (6Ba) RANGED + 8 (6Ba +2Dex) MENTAL +8. (6Ba +2Wis)

SAVES: DMG: +1 (10 Forcefield), FORT: +1, REF: +3, WILL: +2;

ABILITIES: STR 10, DEX 15, CON 12, INT 18, WIS 15, CHA 8

SKILLS(1 for 3): Concentration +6/8

FEATS: Immunity (Aging) Attack Focus (Sorcery)

POWERS: Sorcery +10 (Fireball, Acid Arrow, Fire Orb) Ps: Extra spells (2). Flaw: Only offensive magic. Note: Acid Arrow, and Fire Orb count as two stunts because of agreed upon special effects.) Red Orb of Faltseim+10 (Effect: Dimensional Travel) Ex: Teleport, Portal. Flaw: Device. Weapon (Crossbow) +5. Weapon (Mandoran's Staff) +5. Ex: Fire Field. Flight +5. Transmutation +4. Force Field +10.

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