Character Name: Lumiere

Alternate Identity: Michele D'Avignon

Identity: Secret

Base of Operations: Paris, France

First Appearance: "Tales of the Unknown #101" ('Lumiere, The Starlight Girl', Story by David Denham, Art by Irving Ellison)

Power Level: 11

Strength: 12

Dexterity: 16

Constitution: 14

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 8

Charisma: 18

Damage: +2

Fortitude: +2

Reflex: +3

Will: -1

Defense: 24 (Base +11, Dex +1)

Initiative: +3

Hero Points: 6

Base Attack: +9

Melee: +10

Ranged: +12


Super Charisma: +1 (Source: Training)

Energy Control (Light) +11 (Source: Mystical)

Stunt: Energy Blast

Flaw: Device (Starlight Pendant)

Flight +5 (Source: Mystical)

Flaw: Device (Starlight Pendant)

Obscure +6 (Source: Mystical)

Extra: Selective

Flaw: Device (Starlight Pendant)







Taunt: 5 ranks (+10)

Perform (Sing): 5 ranks (+10)

Perform (Dance): 5 ranks (+10)

Acrobatics: 7 ranks (+10)

Diplomacy: 7 ranks (+12)

Bluff: 4 ranks (+9)

Innuendo: 4 ranks (+9)

Languages: French, English


A famed cabaret performer at Paris' Club Saphir, Michele d'Avignon had many admirers and recieved many gifts. One gift, a lovely necklace from an anonymous sender, turned out to be the mystic Starlight Pendant, which gave Michele control over all forms of light. Fed up with the crime in Paris' Pigalle district, which lay between the club and her apartment, she decided to put her powers to good use. Soon after she discovered her benefactor was a member of the Order of Light, an ancient society of mystics; seeking to keep the pendant safe from dark forces intent on tapping its powers, he had bequeathed it to a guardian with a "worthy soul".

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