The Luciferian PL: 11, Damned Warlock, Name: Cameron Friday, Male, Size: Medium; Init: +12, Defense 25 (16 Flat Footed, 19 Mental); Spd 30, Fly 50; Atk Melee +10 (Hellfire Punch +6 S, & +10 L), Ranged +11 (Hellfire Blast +10 L), SV: Dmg +2, Fort +2, Ref +10, Will +5; Str 14, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 18; BAB +6, BDB +6

Skills: Intimidate +12, Knowledge: Occult +9, Knowledge: History +8, Move Silently +10.

Feats: Attack Focus (Ranged), Dodge, Evasion, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Startle, Power Attack, Mystic Awareness (Super), Surprise Strike, Attack Finesse (Unarmed) (Immunities: Aging, Critical Hits, Disease, Fire, Cold, Poison, Suffocation, Exhaustion, Pressure, Starvation)

Powers: Sorcery +10 (Spells: Fire Control [+10], Absorption [+10] (Boost Super Stats), Invisibility [+10], Energy Field [+10], Incorporeal [+10], Flight [+10], Stunts: Immunity [+10], Teleport [+10]; Flaw: Excluded Group (Divination), Flaw: Material Ward (Holy Symbols); Source: Mystical; 5pp), Super Strength +4 (Extra: Super Dexterity [+4], Extra: Super Charisma [+4], Flaw: Ineffective on Holy Ground; Source: Mystical; 7pp)

Weaknesses: Susceptible (Items of Faith), Quirk (Damned).

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