Lord Reactor PL 18

STR 12 DEX 12 CON 12 INT 18 WIS 18 CHA 18

Saves: Damage +1 Fortitude +1 Reflex +1 Will +6 (Iron Will)

Defense 17 / 16 BDB +6

BAB +8 melee +9 ranged +9

Initiative +1 Villain Points 8 Speed 30 ft.

Skills: Demolitions +13 Gather Information +14 Intimidate +21 Knowledge (Military) +13 Listen +18 Spot +18 Search +18 Taunt +18

Feats: Arch-Nemisis (Jimmy Funds Commandos), Attack Focus (Energy Blast), Connected, Expertise, Far Shot, Headquarters, Immunity (Disease, Radiation, Posion), Improved Critical, Infamy, Inspire, Into Thin Air, Iron Will, Leadership, Minions (Team Kemo), Point Blank Shot, Power Immunity, Precise Shot, Startle, Tainted Network

Powers: Energy Field (Radiation) [Extra: Energy Blast, Protection, Mental Protection, Drain, Additional Attribute (DEX), Slow Recovery (x3), Drain Triggered by Energy Blast) Flaw: Drain--Only one Attribute (STR) 10pp] +13 Super-Intelligence [Extra: Super-Wisdom, Super-Charisma, Intimidating Prescence, Super-Skill (Intimidation) 7pp] +5

Weakness: Disturbing, Unlucky, Quirk (Braggart)

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