Libria was once known as the town of Aydle, near the river Bough. Being near the border of two warring nations, Aydle was frequently attacked and pillaged, often by the armies of the ruler who currently claimed their land. The land was fertile, but for many of the people of the region there was no where else to go.

Fed up with the depredations of the armies over the course of the war, freedom fighters began committing acts of sabotage against any and all military units. Stealing weapons and armor, freeing mounts, damaging axles of the wagons in the pack train, and so on. While these freedom fighters suffered severe casualties, this only emboldened the rest of them. Eventually they had collected enough weapons and armor to rally the towns people into a rough miltia and pushed the occupying forces out of the town.

Even so, the militia would not have been sufficient to win victory if it had not been for the efforts of one heroic soldier, who upon finding an atrifact that rendered him nearly invincible to all foes, led the city to victory.

In celebration the city declared itself independent of either neighboring kingdom and renamed itself Libria, City of the Free. City of the Free is at once the official slogan and motto of Libria.

Territory HeldEdit

Libria consists of not only the main city, but also the surrounding countryside consisting of mostly farmland; the tiny villages and thorps that supply food and other simple supplies for the city. The boundries of Libria extend 30 miles to the north (bounded by the claims of a kingdom to the north {to be named and described}), 95 miles to the east (bounded by the farthest settlement, further east consists of wilderness, moors, and mountains), 60 miles to the south (bounded by the claims of a kingdom to the south {to be named and described}), and 5 miles to the west (bounded by the river Bough).

Surrounding GeographyEdit

Nearly 400 miles east of Libria (about 300 miles east of the eastern border) is the Ferim Mountain Range.

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