Name: The Laughing Sufi

Alternate Identity: Ali Alsadi (Golden Age)/Abdallah Al-Kurbi(Silver Age)

Identity: Secret

Base of Operations: None

First Appearance: "Thrilling Comics #17", January 1940. (Silver Age version first appearance: "Thrilling Comics #252", February 1961.)

Power Level: 11

Strength: 12

Dexterity: 18

Constitution: 12

Intelligence: 9

Wisdom: 16

Charisma: 16

Damage: +3

Fortitude: +1

Reflex: +9

Will: +3

Defense: 24 (Base +8, Dexterity +4, Super-Dexterity +2)

Initiative: +6

Base Attack: +8

Melee: +14

Ranged: +14


Super-Dexterity: +2

Leap: +5

Mind Control: +4

Flaw: Limited- Can only be used to induce laughter

Super Speed +1

Amazing Safe (Reflex) +3


Attack Finesse


Move-By Attack

Rapid Strike

Instant Stand



Bluff: 10 ranks (+13)

Escape Artist: 14 ranks (+20)

Hide: 10 ranks (+16)

Move Silently: 10 ranks (+16)

Open Lock: 8 ranks (+14)

Perform (Dancing): 7 ranks (+10)

Sleight of Hand: 10 ranks (+16)

Taunt: 14 ranks (+17)



Quirk- Distrusts Authority

Origin (Golden Age):

When the greed of the cruel sheik of Uram drove his subjects to poverty, many of the country's hungry urchins were driven to stealing. Ali Asaldi was one of these young unfortunates, until he was approached by the spirit of the legendary Sufi Mullah Nasarudin. Nasarudin said he would bestow great powers on the young man, so long as he used them to bring the corrupt sheik's rule to an end. As the masked crimefighter known only as "The Laughing Sufi", Asaldi fulfilled his promise, and began to fight tyranny and oppression all across the world.

Origin (Silver Age):

Abdallah al-Kurbi was a young Sufi activist criticizing the oppressive theocratic rule of the cruel cleric Zuhair Rashed. Rashed had him rounded up along with several other dissidents, and he was chosen to be a test subject for an experimental mind control serum. Instead, during a subsequent brainwashing session, al-Kurbi began laughing, which caused his guards to laugh, giving him the opportunity to use his augmented agility (an unforseen side effect) to escape his prison. Modelling himself after folk hero Nasarudin, he set about provoking and upstaging the theocracy of Uram, a fight he continues to this day.

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