King Khepera Origin: Mystical Occupation: Egyptian Mummy Demi-God PL: 18 (270) Sex: Male (Undead) Height: 1,86cm Waight: 60kg Age: Unknown - Sevral thousend years Eye´s: White Hair: N/A Nationality: Upper Egyptian

Str 12 (+1) Dex 14 (+2) Con - Int 18 (+4) Wis 16 (+3) Cha 8 (-1)

Saves (Protection 7/12) (Mental Protection 5)

Hardness +10 Fort N/A Ref +2 Will +8

BAB +6 BDB +10

Feats: Dodge, Talented (Knowledge: Necromancy and Knowledge: Egypt), Skill Focus (Knowledge: Necromancy), Skill Focus (Intimidate), Minions

Super Feats: Durability, See Invisibility, True Sight, Detect Magic, Immunity: Critical Hits, Immunity: Suffocation, Immunity: Pressure, Immunity: Exhustion, Immunity: Heat, Immunity: Cold, Immunity: Darkness

Skills: (Ranks Only) 2-1 deal Intimidate +8, Serch +4, Spot +4, Sense Motive +4, Listen +4, Knowledge: Necromancy +10, Knowledge: Egypt +4


Super-Str +7 ---Extra: Protection, ---Extra: Immunitys, ---Extra: Incorpereal (Weeknsess: Mystical Energy Blast)

Super-Cha +5 ---Extra: Frightfull Presence, ---Flaw: Only to use Frightfull Presence and Intimidate

Super-Wisdom +5 ---Extra: Mental Protection

Disintigration +5 ---Extra: Disruption, ---Flaw: Touch

Energy Control (Darkness) +14 ---Free: Obscure, ---Extra: Area, ---Power Stunt: Snare +8,

Extra: Area,
Extra: Ghost Touch,

---Power Stunt: Sufocate +14,

Extra: Area,

---Power Stunt: Energy Blast (Darkness) +14,

Extra: Area

Mind control +10 ---Extra: Continuous, ---Flaw: Scarab Beetles Only,

Alternet Form (Semi Solid/cloud of Scarab Beetles) +5 ---Free: Elasticity, ---Free: Protection, ---Free: Power Rank Adds to Melee Damage

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