Originating from an alternate earth timeline that sees a drastic change in power structure worldwide. The time of the British Colonial empire emerges once again. Neo-UK stands as the sole power after the complete collapse of the world as we know it. Nigel D. Spayre, also known as Killing Joke for his twisted demeanor, stands ready to cash-in on the carnage. An elite trained mutant assassin without conscience or remorse for his victims, Killing Joke takes pride in the kill as much as the bounty.

Killing Joke PL10 (150PP) Str 16(+3); Dex 18(+4); Con 20(+5); Int 12(+1); Wis 18 (+4); Cha 18 (+4)

Dam +8 Fort +6 Reflex +6; Will +4

BAB +3 BDB +4

Feats: Ambidexterity; Blind Fight; Dodge; Lightening Reflexes; Point Blank Shot; Rapid Healing; Toughness; Tracking; Two-Weapon Fighting

Skills: Acrobatics +2; Demolitions +2; Drive +1; Profession: Assassin +4; Survival +2; Taunt +1

Powers: Regeneration +10 [Power Stunts/Extras: Regrowth, Ressurection (Flaw: null by Decapitation)]; Weapon: Ranged +5 [Power Stunts/Extras: Dual Damage, Extra Attack, Energy Field)]; Weapon: Melee +5 [Power Stunts/Extras: Dual Damage, Extra Attack, Energy Field)]

Weaknesses: Disturbing (Killing Joke possesses a disturbing appearance, -5 to Diplomacy and Bluff checks); Quirk (Psychopath, must shed blood at least once per day or suffer a deep depression which may result in self-inflicted knife wounds or removal of body parts such as fingers)

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