Kaylok Prime PL10 (150PP)

Str 18 (+4) Dex 16 (+3) Con 18 (+4) Int 14 (+2) Wis 18 (+4) Cha 20 (+5)

Dam +10 (Protection 8 ) Fort +10 Ref +8 Will +4

BAB +5 BDB +4

Feats: Attractive, Indominatable Will, Thoughness

Super Feats: (all flawed: see weekness) Durability, Penetrating Vision (can not see throu any ritual ward no matter how small), Ultra hearing, Immunity Aging, Immunity Starvation, Immunity Exhustion, Immunity Suffocation, Immunity Pressure

Skills: (Ranks only) Diplomacy +2, Intimidate +1, Knowlage: Earth (or Earph as he calls it)+1, Language (English), Science Primetech +1

Powers: (all powers have Flaw: see weekness) Energy Blast (Cosmic Burst from eye´s) +8 Lethal Penatrating Attack; Flight (good manuveralbility) +6 Power stunts: Super Flight, Space Flight; Super Speed +1 Extra: Mach One Punch; Telescopic Sense (sight and hearing) +6; Super-Con +4 Extra: Super-Dex +4; Super-Str +9 Extra: Protection

Weeknesses: All Power and Super Feat Flaw: Kalok Prime is an artificial war god that runs on belive, either his own or the people around him. If cut of in any way from this belive source (erased from all memory, disgraced etc) or if he thinks he cant do something he loses some or all ranks. He is currently in a maximun of +4 in all powers as he just got here and isint that well known.

Vulnerability: Ritual Magic : Kalok Prime is made from Ritual Alien Technomagic and as a safeguard his creators built in a backdoor just to be sure. He gets no save modifyer (only d20) from Ritual Magic af any kind.

Suseptible: Primium: If confronted by his faliur of protecting his home planed by showing him Primium from the planets burnt husk he is so wrecked with greif he can die.

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