Spell selection in times of peaceEdit

{Transportation}, {Information}, {Crafting}, {Other}

0: Who cares?
1: [Animate Rope, Mount, Floating Disc], [Identify x2, Detect Secret Doors], [Protection from Evil x3]
2: [Spider Climb, Levitation x2], [Detect Thoughts x2, Darkvision x2], [Shatter], [False Life x2]
3: [Fly, Haste], [Tongues x2], [Phantom Steed, Explosive Runes], [Fireball x2, Blink]
4: [Dimension Door, Extended Fly], [Detect Scrying, Arcane Eye], [Stone Shape, Minor Creation], [Fire Shield, Secure Shelter, Solid Fog]
5: [Teleport x2], [Sending x3], [Wall of Stone x2], [Telekinesis]
6: [Silent Teleport x2], [True Seeing, Analyze Dweomer], [Move Earth, Disintigrate x2, Guards and Wards]
7: [Greater Teleport x3], [Greater Scrying, Vision], [Limited Wish x2], [Ethereal Jaunt]
8: [Telekinetic Sphere, Dimensional Lock], [Greater Prying Eyes, Discern Location], [Polymorph Any Object x2], [Mind Blank, Maze]
9: [Gate x2, Etherealness, Time Stop], [Foresight x2], [Extended Polymorph Any Object x2], [Energy Drain, Meteor Swarm, Prismatic Shell, Grand Dispel Magic, Silent Still Limited Wish x2]

Spell selection in times of warEdit

{Offense}, {Defense}, {Support}, {Other}

0: Acid Splash x2, Ray of Frost, Detect Magic, Mending
1: [Magic Missile x6], [Ray of Enfeeblement, Feather Fall, Enlarge Person]
2: [Blindness/Deafness, Scorching Ray x2], [See Invisibility, False Life x2], [Shatter, Glitterdust, Darkvision]
3: [Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Vampiric Touch], [Magic Circle Against Evil, Protection from Energy x2], [Slow, Blink, Haste]
4: [Fear, Black Tentacles, Enervation], [Detect Scrying, Stoneskin, Fire Shield], [Resilient Sphere, Wall of Ice, Polymorph]
5: [Cone of Cold, Maximized Fireball], [Overland Flight, Telepathic Bond], [Wall of Force, Break Enchantment], Teleport, Telekinesis
6: [Janeko's Undeniable Weapon, Chain Lightning], [Antimagic Field, Repulsion], [Acid Fog, True Seeing x2], Disintigrate
7: [Mage's Sword, Prismatic Spray], [Spell Turning, Banishment], [Forcecage, Reverse Gravity], Janeko's Hovering Hydragyrum, Mage's Magnificent Mansion
8: [Sunburst, Polar Ray], [Mind Blank, Protection From Spells], [Maze, Prismatic Wall], [Janeko's Irresistible Force, Polymorph Any Object]
9: [Purest Devastation, Colorless Fire, Crushing Hand, Energy Drain, Meteor Swarm, Maximized Chain Lightning], [Prismatic Sphere, Time Stop x3, Foresight, Janeko's Mercury Body], [Etherealness, Gate]

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