Name: Killian Bonner Affiliation: Sensational Six Power Level: 12 Height: 5’11” Weight: 175 lbs.

Origin: An actor and a stuntman, Killian was an expert in creating illusions. His career has never really taken off, as he began to use his abilities to fight crime. Initially, it happened by accident during a bank robbery. Killian went on to create a costume to wear and became the Imagineer. Using his abilities in creating illusions and distractions, he is able to bring criminals to justice. No one is sure just how he does the illusions he does. Dr. Arachnid recognized his abilities and asked him to join the Sensational Six. Imagineer did and has been a great addition to the group.

Imagineer; PL 12; Init +8; Defense 23/15 flat-footed; Spd 30; Atk +5 melee (+2 S, punch); SV Dmg +2/+8, Fort +2, Ref +8, Will +8, Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 14. (47 pp)

Skills: Bluff +12, Demolitions +7, Disguise +10, Escape Artist +9, Hide +11, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (Occult) +3, Move Silently +11, Open Lock +14, Perform +8, Sense Motive +9, Sleight of Hand +14, Spot +9. (14 pp)

Feats: Dodge, Evasion, Skill Focus (Bluff, Demolitions, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand), Talented (Bluff & Disguise, Hide & Move Silently, Open Lock & Sleight of Hand). (18 pp)

Powers: Illusion +9 (Extras: Area, Dazzle, Obscure, Selective; 6 pp), Super-Dexterity +5 (Extras: Super-Charisma, Super-Wisdom; 7 pp). (89 pp)

Equipment: Helmet (Sensory Protection +10 [Sight & Hearing], True Sight; Device; 1 pp). (12 pp)

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