Half-Orc Bounty Hunter CR 3Edit

Male half-orc ranger 1/rogue 2
CE Medium humanoid (half-orc)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Listen +5, Spot +5
Languages Common, Orc

AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14
hp 18 (3 HD)
Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +0; evasion

Spd 30 ft.
Melee mwk longsword +2 (1d8 19–20)
Ranged mwk composite shortbow +4 (1d6)
Base Atk +2; Grp +2
Special Atk sneak attack +1d6

Str 11, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 13
SQ orc blood, favored enemy (human), trapfinding, wild empathy +2
Feats Improved Initiative, Stealthy, Track (b)
Skills Appraise +4, Climb +4, Hide +8, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (local) +5, Listen +5, Move Silently +8, Spot +5, Survival +4
Possessions masterwork studded leather armor, masterwork buckler, masterwork longsword, masterwork composite shortbow plus 1,700 gp

Evasion (Ex): If the half-orc makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, he instead takes no damage.
Favored Enemy (Ex): The half-orc gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks when using these skills against humans. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls against such creatures.
Wild Empathy (Ex): The half-orc can improve the attitude of an animal. This ability functions just like a Diplomacy check to improve the attitude of a person. The typical domestic animal has a starting attitude of indifferent, while wild animals are usually unfriendly. To use wild empathy, the half-orc and the animal must be able to study each other, which means that they must be within 30 feet of one another under normal visibility conditions. Generally, influencing an animal in this way takes 1 minute, but, as with influencing people, it might take more or less time.