Golgotha Power Level: 10

Character Name: unknown Group Affiliation: Children of Cain Gender: male Height: 6'1" Weight: Hair: none Eyes: green (glowing lights)

STR: 18 +4 DEX: 16 +3 CON: 16 +3 INT: 12 +1 WIS: 14 +2 CHA: 10 -

Saves Dmg: +5 Fort: +3 Ref: +5 Will: +4

Defence: 15/18 Initiative: +7 Villain Pts: 5 Speed: 30 ft

Base Attack Bonus: +8 Melee Bonus: +11 Ranged Bonus: +10

Feats All-Out Attack Assessment Dodge Improved Initiative Instant Stand Iron Will Lightning Reflexes Penetrating Attack (natural weapons) Point-Blank Shot Power Attack Rapid Strike Surprise Strike Toughness Track

Powers Natural Weapons +8L (Cost: 2 PP/lvl) (Total Cost: 18 PP) (PS: Ranged Attack) (Source: Mutation) Leaping +4 (Cost: 1 PP/lvl) (Total Cost: 4 PP) (Source: Mutation) Armour +5 (Cost: 1 PP/lvl) (Total Cost: 5 PP) )Source: Device) Regeneration +5 (Cost: 2 PP/lvl) (Total Cost: 10 PP) (Source: Mutation)

Skills Acrobatics (Dex) 1/+4 Balance (Dex) -/+3 Bluff (Cha) -/-10 Climb (Str) 1/+5 Computers (Int) -/+1 Untrained Concentration (Wis) 1/+3 Craft (Int) -/+1 Demolitions (Int) 2/+3 Diplomacy (Cha) -/-10 Disable Device (Int) 3/+4 Disguise (Cha) 3/+3 Drive (Dex) 1/+4 Escape Artist (Dex) 3/+6 Forgery (Int) -/+1 Gather Information (Cha)1/+1 Handle Animal (Cha) -/- Untrained Hide (Dex) 3/+6 Innuendo (Cha) 1/+1 Intimidate (Cha) 6/+6 Jump (Str) 2/+6 Knowledge (Int) -/+1 Language (N/A) None Listen (Wis) 3/+5 Medicine (Wis) -/+2 Untrained Move Silently (Dex) 2/+5 Open Locks (Dex) 2/+5 Perform (Cha) -/+0 Pilot (Dex) 1/+4 Profession (Wis) -/+2 Read Lips (Int) -/+1 Untrained Repair (Int) -/+1 Untrained Ride (Dex) -/+3 Untrained Science (Int) -/+1 Search (Int) 3/+4 Sense Motive (Wis) 2/+4 Sleight of Hand (Dex) -/+3 Untrained Spot (Wis) 3/+5 Survival (Wis) 4/+6 Swim (Str) -/+4 Taunt (Cha) -/+0

Weaknesses Disturbing (major) (-10): Golgotha appears as a painfully gaunt man, with a bare skull atop his shoulders. Pinpoints of green light burn in his empty eye sockets. He is usually clad in a black and green leather-looking bodysuit (the Armour in the Powers section) and carries a mesh bag of skulls at his left hip, taken as trophies from especially worthy opponents (think the alien from 'Predator'). Spikes of bone project from his arms and legs, and can be made to project from other parts of the body, much like Marrow of the X-Men (Natural Weapon power).

Quirk - religious mania (-10):

Total Point Costs Attributes: 26 Attack: 24 Defence: 10 Feats: 26 Skills: 47 Powers: 37 Weakness: -20

Total: 150

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