The Fix

Peter Monroe started out as a two-bit thief. He wasn't a criminal due to greed, or some inherently "evil" nature. His life just had a way of making any other vocation a complete disaster.

He was eventually hired to steal a device from a corporate laboratory (insert your favorite STAR Labs, Stark Enterprises-type corporation here) when the device activated, and turned his final career as a normal human into a complete disaster as well. Monroe appeared to "melt" partway into the floor of the lab after being struck by a beam from the device.

When the staff came in the next morning, they found the would-be thief sticking partway out of the floor in front of their prototype device. They finally figured out how to reverse the process and free him, but the process altered him in such a way that he gained the ability to bond and meld inanimate objects together at the molecular level, or do the reverse and cause inanimate objects to lose cohesion and fall apart. He could also use this power on himself so that he could cling to surfaces or permeate solid objects. He escaped from prison after learning the nature of his abilities, but will ultimately decide that he would be as terrible at being a super-criminal as he would at being a thief. Potential for reformed super-herodom ensues.

PL: 10 (150 pp)

Combat and Saves: Initiative: +16 (Dex +8; Improved Initiative +8 ); Defense 20 (Dodge Focus +2; Flat-Footed: 14); Spd: 30/60/120; Attack +10; Saves: Fort +5, Reflex +10, Will +2, Toughness +8 (Defensive Roll: 3; Knockback 4/2 (Flat))

Str: 12 (+1); Dex: 26/18 (+8/+4); Con: 20 (+5); Int: 14 (+2); Wis: 10 (+0); Cha: 10 (+0)

Skills: Acrobatics 3 (+11); Bluff 5 (+5); Disable Device 6 (+8 ); Knowledge: Streetwise 2 (+4); Notice 6 (+6); Sense Motive 4 (+4); Stealth 2 (+10)

Feats: Defensive Roll +3; Dodge Focus +2; Evasion +1; Improved Initiative +2; Move-By Action; Power Attack


  • Molecular Bonding - Transform +10 (Inanimate objects in contact bond, meld or fuse together into one); Extras: Continuous [+1]; Power Feat: Precise +1; Alternate Power: Transform +10 (Opposite effect; one inanimate object loses cohesion in designated places and falls apart); Extras: Continuous [+1]; Power Feat: Precise +1
  • Super-Movement: Wall-Crawling +1 (Half Movement Rate); Permeate (Half Movement Rate)
  • Super-Senses: "X-Ray" Vision (Exception: Osmium and Iridium, substances of greater density than); Low-Light Vision
  • Enhanced Dexterity +8
  • Leaping +2 (Running 30/Standing 15/High 7)

Costs: Abilities - 24; Skills - 7 (28 ranks); Feats - 10; Powers - 69; Combat - 36; Saves - 4

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