Name: Unknown (answers to Lance) Affiliation: The Fallen Power Level: 12 Height: 5'11" Weight: 220 lbs.

Origin: An escaped ELF from the Canadian program, he entered the States a short time ago and quickly hooked up with Psight and the rest of his crew. The Canadian government is actively looking for him so he tries to keep a low profile. It is thought that he is actually a survivor from early trials in creating Elves from as far back as the Sixties, although he does not appear to be that old.

Ferocity; PL 12; Init +5; Defense 20/15 flat-footed; Spd 30; Atk +12 melee (+4 S, punch), +13 melee (+9 L, claws), +13 ranged; SV Dmg +10, Fort +17, Ref +5, Will +1, Str 18, Dex 20, Con 20, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 12. (69 pp)

Skills: Handle Animal +8, Intimidation +10, Knowledge (Japanese Lore) +6, Language (Japanese), Listen +11, Profession (Spy) +6, Search +11, Spot +11, Survival +8/+18. (34 pp)

Feats: All-Out Attack, Attack Focus (melee), Improved Critical (melee), Power Strike, Rapid Strike, Surprise Strike, Scent. (14 pp)

Powers: Natural Weapons-Claws +5 (Power Stunt: Penetrating Attack; 12 pp), Regeneration +12 (24 pp), Super-Senses +10 (20 pp), Amazing Save-Fortitude +12 (12 pp), Amazing Save-Damage +5 (5 pp). (73 pp)

Weakness: Berserker (-10 pp). (-10 pp)

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